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Challenging All Leaders To Ask Themselves, “What’s My Legacy?”



Her clients are living, walking legacies, whose impact will continue to be felt by many more generations to come.

Sometimes the life and career that we’re doing good at aren’t always what makes us feel fulfilled and accomplished. You may be closing big deals and huge projects with top-tier clients or managing a multi-million company that’s still growing or doing great with motherhood without sacrificing your full-time career but deep down, do you really feel fulfilled? Is your current track record or accomplishments the very legacy you wish to leave behind? If no, then you might want to re-align with your purpose and ask yourself “what’s my legacy?”.

Founder of Sarah Gibbons & Co., Sarah Gibbons is a leading success coach whose coaching programs and unique approach is grounded on challenging clients to live their legacy today and increase their lead in every aspect of their life. Sarah is obsessed with helping people build and live their legacy without feeling like they have to sacrifice everything in the process. Her global coaching practice caters to corporations, organizations, and individual leaders. It was discovering and living the legacy that has made her extend her expertise and help ambitious women and men experience their full expression and trail blaze their unique path of purpose and fulfillment.

Before her current successful career as a success coach, Sarah Gibbons was an executive who pioneered multiple North American and European giant companies in the tech-business industry. She laid years of groundwork for, The Internet Movie Database (, and Fox Interactive Media for more than a decade. Still experiencing a drive and hunger for a different kind of fulfillment despite her career’s immense success, Sarah Gibbons still decided to return to the United States and pursued a Masters in Psychology while juggling her duties as a full-time mom to her 3 young boys, a caring and loving housewife and continuing to manage corporate teams. 

With her extensive background and experience as an executive for a variety of big companies and her learnings from her masters in Psychology, Sarah Gibbons founded and built her success coaching business Sarah Gibbons & Co. On top of running a global coaching practice for corporations, organizations, and individual leaders, Sarah Gibbons has also co-authored a book and has headlined events as an inspirational, leadership guidance speaker. She loves getting into the trenches with her clients to serve as an ideating partner, strategic sharpshooter, a clever and calculated partner, to put together the puzzle pieces into a coherent, reverberating legacy. 

Now, Sarah is mainly just focusing her business and herself into living and fulfilling her mission in steering driven leaders and thought-leading organizations head-on into the space of experiencing their truth and expressing it authentically to create unique, dynamic, and fulfilling living legacies both professionally and personally.

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