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Charmian-Marie Beedle, Called To Coach Igniting Her Clients



Charmian-Marie Beedle, a.k.a. Coach Cee has been making noise in the Digital space as she continues to ignite her clients and provide them with the necessary tools to scale their business healthily so they can build their own empire.

Why entrepreneurship?

Coach Cee refers to herself as an Entrepreneur at heart, as she recalls her 8-year 9-5 journey;

“Beyond the varying environments experienced at each job I held, I truly appreciated the opportunity to test myself and expand my capacity in each position. However, there would always come a point when I just didn’t want to be a part of someone else’s dream anymore. I always hit that place of feeling stifled, no matter where I went. I wanted to live, do and be more. That’s how I knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for me.” 

She held varying positions; from entry level to Management, spanning the 8 years, and found that even as she climbed gradually to the top seeking satisfaction, that wasn’t her true calling. 

June 10, 2020 marked her last day in the 9-5 world and saw her venture wholeheartedly into the online coaching and consultation arena, and she recognized that she found exactly what she was called to do.

Why Coaching?

As much as Charmian-Marie has been able to nurture her skillset, she firmly acknowledges that she is a natural teacher with a desire to help people to self-actualize. With the help of her past Coach, she was able to see the possibilities in the online coaching industry and recognized the massive impact she could make by helping people to up-level themselves and being self-sufficient where necessary.

“Given the fact that I’ve been a service provider and witnessed the overall service-based industry, I recognize that there are always solopreneurs at some form of a disadvantage for their own businesses because they haven’t been able to hone fundamental skills required to push their business forward.”

Observing this, she made it her mission to empower her clients by providing them with the tools and knowledge they needed to make informed decisions for themselves. She works with clients, specializing in Business, Brand and Strategy Development, providing varying levels of support through 1:1 Coaching, Retained Consultation and Courses.

What Sets Her Apart from the Rest?

Coach Cee prides herself on building genuine relationships with her clients as her approach is nested in helping business owners to operate from a place of alignment. She believes that the best business decisions are made from that posture. 

With this in mind, she chooses not to view clients and potential clients as projects, but rather, individuals who are destined for more and desire meaningful support to help them step into that more. 

She has developed two main curriculum guidelines for her programmes and digital products; her 5C Approach which primarily focuses on Start-Up business owners, as well as her Thrive Formula, which nurtures the steps of those who are ready to consistently grow their business beyond the Start-Up phase. 

How can you work with her?

Clients can receive support from Coach Cee spanning 2 months to 12 months through her 1:1 Coaching Programmes and Retained Consultation Programme. 

She has also established her own Digital Resource Hub called Club Ascend which allows persons to access all her training material by purchasing courses individually or paying a monthly subscription fee.

What’s Coach Cee’s Background?

A Business Coach and Communications Consultant by profession with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communications (Public Relations Specialization), Coach Cee has garnered over 9 years of experience in the Communications and Business Development fields, allowing her to witness and make decisions for businesses in varying industries. These include digital marketing, entertainment, finance, manufacturing, education, cosmetics, real estate, law and administration. 

Charmian-Marie Beedle is also a passionate Jamaican woman who loves to travel, explore new recipes and write music.

For more information, contact Charmian-Marie Beedle, or… Instagram: @charmianmarie.beedle  

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