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Chris Jenkins: Founder of Giovvani Milan Aims to Disrupt Sneaker Market



Designer sneakers have evolved over the years. What started as functional sports shoes have progressed into a fashion symbol. These days, iconic designers and brands create sneakers or trainers to influence wider fashion and design trends.

For the Founder of Giovvani, Chris Jenkins, the aim is a minimalistic luxury. The idea of the two words combined may seem paradoxical since many may view luxury as acquiring gaudy showpieces that are anything but minimalistic. However, it’s not so farfetched if you really view luxury as the acquisition of quality products that enhances your lifestyle. His sneaker brand Giovvani is targeted at this very objective.

Photo of Chris Jenkins in Dubai in 2019

“During my travels, I needed some casual sneakers but found it incredibly difficult to get anything which wasn’t covered in excessive designs and branding. This was when I decided to launch Giovvani and produce a luxury sneaker brand which fits the need I initially had.”

The eCommerce and dropshipping expert who has traveled the world living the entrepreneurial dream decided to create a brand that suited his routine. Chris shares that Giovvani was birthed out of a need for simplicity, style, and comfort.    

Elegantly Handcrafted Sneakers

Chris divulged that each shoe is handmade, and whilst many competitors use off-the-shelf soles as a cost-cutting mechanism, the company has designed and manufactured its own custom soles. Chris, who speaks passionately about the brand, stated, “the grip of the sole is second to none, and the comfort of the leather is incredible. The shoes were designed so that the colorways can be mixed and matched with different outfits and essentially add the finishing touch to a designer wardrobe.”

His entry into the fashion industry can be described as a natural progression. Throughout his journey in eCommerce, he was always involved in men’s and women’s fashion. 

To remain agile in the modern marketplace, Giovvani focuses completely on online sales through their website, which allows them to focus on quality design and materials. With that method, they can pass these cost savings onto customers without the additional margin charged by street retail outlets. 

Customer Obsessed

“I believe for Giovvani we’re able to offer a product which is of a very high standard, and the branding of the product gives every customer a true feel of luxury, whether that’s in terms of aesthetics or the physical material.”

The sneakers, which took about a year to design and get to the highest standard of design and quality, have been initially launched to market at limited capacity. Customers have expressed that they love the shoes and feel confident wearing them. Some appreciate the versatility since they can coordinate the shoes with various outfits, while others love the comfort.

“Overall, I would say Giovvani is more than a sneaker. It offers an unrivaled feeling of luxury alongside being a select movement for people looking to upgrade their footwear.”

As the fashion industry continues to grow and designer sneakers evolve with it, Chris hopes to take his brand to the next level and make his mark as a go-to choice for comfort and style.

You can follow Giovvani Milan on Instagram.

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