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Chris Lenz: How People in IT Can Break Through Social Barriers in 12 Weeks



Let’s face it, success can feel lonely. Whether you’re brand new to the world of working in IT or have established yourself as one for some time now, this lifestyle is one that can lead to loneliness at times. The tech industry is inherently known for producing brilliant but often shy workers. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re an entrepreneur in IT, work for a big company, or come from a foreign country and are looking to expand your social network, then this article is for you.


IT and the Future

The ability for businesses to operate online is not new. However, it has recently become more accessible, realistic and appealing to people who had previously never considered it, both in and outside the field of IT. Why? In part due to the massive technological leaps and bounds, we have crossed as a society. This has also raised the demand for IT workers as technology advances and the need for people who can run these companies and protect data online is bigger than ever. The other part of the increase in demand for IT is the pandemic from COVID-19. With international lockdowns, many businesses were forced to either adapt to an online model or risk dying out. While not every business is able to operate fully online (such as beauty services, clubs, bars, and even doctor visits) many can. More businesses than ever are coming up to speed with current tech and utilizing tools to help manage their business such as:

  •     Zoom
  •     Slack
  •     DocuSign
  •     AirTable
  •     Cloud-based storage

With the rise in demand of these services the demand for workers in IT has also been on the rise. The rate of growth for the IT sector in India from 2019 to 2020 rose approximately ten percent (1). If you’re an IT worker from a country outside of the US, making connections with peers and friends in the States can be difficult for many to over come with the language barrier on top of added shyness that is natural for many in the IT field.



Loneliness can be a very real part of an IT worker’s life and if left unattended can affect their long-term chances of success. Many IT workers are by nature introverts. Whether you are or not, the pandemic has pushed society as a whole to stay indoors and away from each other for about a year now. While we still need to work, we are now missing out on being in physical society and socializing and meeting new people. This can increase the desire to isolate when working, but I promise you, when you learn to open up and meet new people you will see massive growth in your business and personal life.


Three Steps to Breaking the Introvert Shell

Having a support group, bonds with coworkers and friendships are all a crucial part of success and happiness, whether you identify as an introvert or not. Attaining these things can be more difficult for those coming from a foreign background, and that’s where the Friendship Coach comes in. Here are three tips to help you get started with building your network today:

  1. Build up Confidence: there is a key difference between introversion and lack of confidence. Find something you’re good at and use that as a jumping-off point to connect with others.
  2. Understand Your Boundaries: many introverts have specific triggers that will overwhelm them. Determining what yours are and knowing when to limit exposure to certain elements can help you in the long-run.
  3. Growth Mindset: approach your task to build relationships with a growth mindset. Tell yourself you can and will get better at networking. Research suggests “that people with a growth mindset experience more success” (2).


The Friendship Coach

If you find yourself struggling to manage your life as an introvert, it’s helpful to have someone whose been there and done it and maintains success with it in your corner. This can also be known as an accountability coach. I pride myself on being a friendship coach for introverts from foreign backgrounds. I know firsthand how difficult social interactions and talking to strangers can be. I overcame them and live a happy life as a successful entrepreneur today, who built his business on helping people like me. In order to be happy, motivated, inspired, and push through the hard times, you need a support group of like-minded people.


If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your success, or battling loneliness, book your FREE consultation call today. Don’t overthink. Act, and move forward towards long-term, sustainable success.

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