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Christian Green is a new face for the dropshipping world, who is also helping others realise their business dreams:



Christian Green is a modern-day dropshipper and an expert E-commerce Business Entrepreneur. He has also been an advisor to many freshers in this trade and has shared his skills and given many tips about this business.

In this modern time, most people are influenced by those, who are engaged in online trade and eCommerce. The desire to do too little and earn money in a very short period to become rich is high, but things are never that easy. Especially during the pandemic, millions have lost their jobs and are in search of doing something online. So, if you have been thinking about doing something like this like dropshipping and e-commerce and are not quite clear about it and confused about it, Christian Green is your guy.

Christian Green is a successful drop shipper and has been observing the rapid changes in dropshipping pattern. His concepts are quite different compared to others, as he has been studying all these very carefully and has advised many freshers, how to choose the product and many other tips for their development. Christian is an expert but started just 2 years ago. It was March of 2019 when Christian established his dropshipping business. The very first month he was successful in making sales of 120k dollars. It scaled up to 1 million dollars in the first year of his business. This was not just randomly doing business. It was his hard work, determination, creativity and persistence towards his business.

Christian has been consecutively making more than 1 million for the last two years in his drop shipping sales. Christian has a higher ambition and has created a brand with fulfilment in California. This new brand is also doing quite well and scaling high. This new brand was launched last year in October and by the end of the year, it had reached a record sale of 2.4 million dollars in just a few months. And has crossed the mark of 3.5 million dollars sales since it was established. Christian is planning to start a personal brand that would help the newcomers and show them the way to create their own eCommerce business. Christian is always willing to share his knowledge and the secrets of success with others. He says this is not a quick get rich scheme. It is a tricky business space. Without hard work, dedication and focus on your business earning success is not possible.

Christian Green is on his way to scaling to higher heights in his brand and leads others by example. If you desire to learn or follow in his footsteps you can be a part of his Instagram family at @christiangreen.jpg.

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