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Content Creation House Prime Capitol Talks Diversity & Success



Watch out LA – the newest content creation house is on the rise. Prime Capitol, originally from Canada, is home to a large number of creators and influencers. These talented individuals have taken the social media scene by surprise, as they each can be credited for having their own, unique talents, while still being able to come together and produce viral, never-before-seen content. Unlike many other content houses around the nation, Prime Capitol takes pride in its member diversity. We were able to sit down with Kyle Godfrey, founder of Prime Capitol, and pick his brain at some of our burning questions: 

Prime Capitol is a very diverse bunch. Why is this important to you?

Having diversity in the Prime Capitol house is so important to us because we want people of all ages, from all backgrounds, from all over the world to be able to relate to us. We are all, more or less, from Canada but we have members from places like Egypt, Serbia, etc. I think it’s important for different people and personalities to mesh together to create the best content possible. Don’t you think our content would be boring if we all had the same personality? 

What’s the best part about leading a team of content creators?

I would say the best part about leading a team of content creators is being able to share all your ideas with everyone and get those ideas recognized and brought to life. I also love being able to live with and lead my friends that I care about. Their success is at the forefront of all that I do so it’s very rewarding to see each of them succeed. I love being able to be creative with the people that I call my best friends and basically my family when I’m far from home.

What plans does the Stromedy Squad have to shake up 2021?

It wouldn’t be as fun if we told you! Just know that we have stunts, pranks, and more things coming your guys’ way! 

Is YouTube still the most popping platform? If you think yes – make the case for it.

YES! Youtube was made for content creators but as of recent, I feel like a lot of people’s attention span has declined and so the increase in short videos, such as Tik Toks, are on the rise. Prime Capitol has taken on Tik Tok and to be honest, we love it. I love it. It’s a fun way to make quick videos and interact with fans through duets, comments, challenges and so on. While YouTube is still my main platform, I’m excited for the growth that can happen with Tik Tok, Reels, etc. 

What advice do you have for aspiring creators to grow their brands the way you have?

The best advice I can give to aspiring creators is to just do what you love, the way you want to and it will all fall into place. At times, the industry can seem like a very competitive place – but that is because it is. If you stay true to yourself and the content that you want to create, the fan base will follow with ease. It’s when people start producing videos that aren’t them or they try to be something they’re not that they lose track of what their niche is and that success. For more inspiration on young success, check out how Shahrez Hayder reached it at the age of 21! 

The newest content house on the block, Prime Capitol, is planning on taking Los Angeles by storm this year. Keep up with them through their YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok!

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