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Creating Millionaires with Financial Education Coach Kenney Conwell

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Atlanta-based financial education coach and wealth strategist Kenney Conwell is passionate about helping people fix, improve, and maintain excellent credit. His business, MyMoneyEDU, offers tools to help people reduce their taxes, increase their cash flow, and build net worth.

The educational resources on MyMoneyEDU teach members how to use proven wealth principles to make a long-lasting difference in their credit scores. By using these methods, members leverage personal and business credit to build generational wealth.

Creating a New Generation of Millionaires

You no longer have to go to school, build a career, buy a home, and invest in a 401(k) to find financial success. Building wealth can happen through the leveraging of four main resources:

  • The cash flow system: maintaining a clear budget while increasing personal income with a side hustle or business venture is the first step to building wealth.
  • Personal and business credit: credit allows members to maximize their opportunities to generate wealth.
  • The stock market: investing in stocks for brands you use every day can help you grow your wealth. Members start by investing in companies they use daily, such as toothpaste brands and favorite restaurant chains.
  • Tax planning: when planned correctly, members can avoid overpaying on taxes. Tax avoidance allows the wealthy to hold onto their wealth.

When members learn how to leverage these things, they can create financial discipline and generate wealth. As they build credit, they have more opportunities to increase their cash flow. Once they have more cash flow, they can invest more in stocks. When they generate more income, they’re able to learn tax strategies to hold onto that wealth. Leveraging these four things creates a powerful resource, allowing previously impoverished people to become first-generation millionaires.

The Minority Community & Financial Education

Kenney wasn’t always the wealth strategist he is today. When he started his career selling insurance, he visited low-income families. He noticed the differences in their lifestyles, conversations, and mindset. This opened his eyes to a massive void in the minority community: financial education.

The lack of financial education and lack of access to financial resources leaves these communities in a cycle of generational poverty. Kenney’s personal mission is to repair the financial disparities to improve these communities.

After seeing how low-income families lived, Kenney became obsessed with learning everything he could about credit. He uncovered strategies used by “insiders” to teach people about how to get credit, how to leverage it, and how to use excellent credit to build wealth.

He also learned how to protect financial assets from loss by using the same blueprint used by one-percenters to grow their wealth.

MyMoneyEDU’s Mission

Kenney created MyMoneyEDU after learning everything he could about finances and credit. His site offers financial education and shows people how to restore their credit. Instead of offering a quick “fix,” he teaches members how to maintain excellent credit permanently.

He also offers education to high-level business owners. He teaches them how to stop using their own money to grow or scale their business. Instead, he shows them how to use their credit and other people’s money to expand their businesses.

All of MyMoneyEDU’s products and services are offered digitally. Anyone can learn from the programs provided on the site, no matter where they are or when they’re able to learn. A personalized dashboard helps members keep track of their progress and results.

On their dashboard, MyMoneyEDU members have access to dozens of lessons, action steps, and insider strategies. This financial education helps them learn how to build personal and business credit.

Business owners on MyMoneyEDU learn how to obtain $250,000 or more in business credit by following an easy system. With this system, they can build business credit in twelve months or less!

Further learning is available through Q&A sessions and one-on-one consulting. All of the tools and services offered by MyMoneyEDU help people gain freedom over their finances.

The Future of MyMoneyEDU

Kenney has great plans for the future of MyMoneyEDU. He manages the business with the same tools and strategies provided to his members and clients. Instead of doing one thing and teaching another, Kenney truly practices what he preaches.

He’s used business credit to grow and scale his company. His cash flow management and asset appreciation techniques have allowed him to fund the strategic growth of MyMoneyEDU.

Kenney has an optimistic vision for the future. He hopes to reduce the wealth gap in minority communities by 10% in his lifetime. MyMoneyEDU’s immediate target is to help one million members achieve a 700 or better credit score by 2030.

Kenney offers this advice to entrepreneurs who want to create a full-time income from their passion: have consistency and focus to reach your goals. Never underestimate the value of investing in your personal and professional development. Books, courses, personal coaching, conferences, and other resources can help you become the entrepreneur you’re meant to be.

He advises entrepreneurs to hold on through the stressful days because the great days far outweigh the bad. As you build your business and put the right people and systems in place, the stress will lessen and you can enjoy what you’ve built. Don’t give up, ever.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.