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Creativity & Letting Go – With Dyna Edyne



As big music lovers, we’re always fascinated to learn more about an artist’s creative process, how they get into the zone and what gets their creative juices flowing. It’s exciting, but more than that, it’s inspirational. It allows us a deeper, more meaningful connection with the artists we love most, because we can finally understand what was going on through their minds when they created so and so piece.

For this reason, we never miss a chance to ask an artist about their creative process, what it looks like from the outside, what inspires them, and so on. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with a young singer and songwriter of Haitian American descent, by the name of Dyna Edyne.

If you’re not sure who Dyna Edyne is, first of all, shame on you. She is easily one of the hottest names on the music scene today. Her songs are a careful blend of soul, R&B, hip-hop and pop elements. Her music has a beautiful way of “hitting you in the feels”. It’s gentle, yet powerful, and resonates with a wide range of listeners. Her latest hit single “I Don’t Work for You” is a fresh take on a topic as old as time – breaking up from someone you once loved. As the title suggests, this is a relationship that’s no longer working out, and as for the artist, the break is liberating rather than depressing. Still, it’s an emotional, heartfelt song that touches you where it hurts, particularly if you are or have recently gone through a break-up yourself. 

So being as we are fascinated by this latest musical offering, we couldn’t help but ask Edyne what she does to get into the mood, and what her creative process looks like.

“My writing process is actually very simple. I typically like to dive in when I’m freshly emotional lol because I usually have nowhere else to turn to let out all the pain! and I’ll probably be maybe a lil high off the tree or sipping some wine and allow my mind and creative juice to just flow to whatever instrumentation I gravitate towards. I do typically like to be alone, but I find comfort creating music around friends too. It makes me feel a bit more challenged to make sure it’s good the first time. Since I freestyle most of my music, I like to capture the first melody and emotion that comes to mind so that I feel it is the most authentic.”

As ever when getting input from an artist, we like to observe the links between their creative process and the finished product. In Edyne’s case, it’s clear to see that she manages to get into a highly emotional state and unlock that door for all of us to see. What usually comes out is a complex and highly human melody and lyric that allows the artist to escape whatever demons are weighing on her, while creating a beautiful song in the process.

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