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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue themThe word entrepreneur is borrowed from the French word ‘entreprendre’ meaning – to undertake. It shares similarities with a word from home; the Sanskrit word Antha Prerna which means ‘self-motivated’. Entrepreneurs are not born. Entrepreneurs are not like athletes, they don’t need natural inherent body and muscles. An athlete’s child may grow up an athlete, but it would not happen in an entrepreneur’s family. However, entrepreneurs are nurtually made, and they own some special qualities and also need some trainings and experiences as athletes. “Entrepreneurial thinking is for everyone,”

Based in Maharashtra, Danish Maniyar says, because it’s all about problem-solving, people skills, critical thinking, passion and gratitude the skills and motivations of successful people. It is in the nature of every society to invigorate massive conformity. This can be ideal for some, whereas existing and future entrepreneurs prefer a different cup of tea. The parameters and criteria laid down by the society can become caging in terms of attaining success. The main quality of entrepreneurship is innovation, which is not obtained naturally. Innovation is a new product, a new technology, a new source, and a new market. It’s one of the oldest debates in business – whether it’s nature or nurture that makes someone successful – but one man is on a mission to prove that entrepreneurs are made, not born.

Entrepreneurship for me did not come out of necessity, nor did it come as a means to an end. While many undertake entrepreneurship as a means to creating businesses that can help them sustain a type of lifestyle or income level, I took on entrepreneurship as a means of creating change for those around me. To me, an entrepreneur is very different from a business owner and while both share similarities in their approach, they both also share major differences in their mindset and vision. Even those who do not go onto set up their own business can still benefit their employer by thinking entrepreneurially, he said, making them more able to solve problems and come up with solutions.

Entrepreneurs are made by their environment and the observations they make within it. The greater the exposure to others who have succeeded, the greater the belief that sky is the limit and the constant pursuit to seek more. If you have that feeling inside you that you are meant for so much more than you are currently doing, that is often a result of over belief and the lack of confidence is why you are not doing anything about it. “If you are an entrepreneur, you want to continue to gain experience as an entrepreneur. It’s really a long-term commitment. Learning from that experience can shape your future. “Failure is very, very common. It remains common even for those businesses that are led by serial entrepreneurs.”

It all starts with the big picture. The mental picture of what an individual seeks to accomplish over a period of time. A path must first be envisioned before anything else and later lay out goals to set out and to make it a reality. A positive outlook ought to be constant regardless of the chains that hold us back. The unwavering focus like that of a falcon must be exemplified to stay true to the vision despite the highs and lows.

To conclude, we can confidently say that gone are the days when entrepreneurs were born, new-age entrepreneurs are made and really sturdy ones! So, if you believe in your passion, integrity and leadership and ready to learn something new every day then don’t fret to take your next big step in the entrepreneurial journey. Success will surely be yours, if not now, then sooner or later! You can teach values. Really good business people delegate and collaborate and have the humility to learn and get things done.

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