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Dennis Koutoudis, the Master of LinkedIn



Dennis Koutoudis is the Founder & CEO of LinkedSuperPowers. An imminent LinkedIn specialist as well as a Social Selling expert. An ambitious entrepreneur with a certification in Social Media Marketing and Disruptive Strategy from Harvard University. He is also a renowned speaker. His entrepreneurial endeavors resulted in the establishment of LinkedSuperPowers, a social media consulting company. Itspecializes in helping individuals and companies from all over the world, to unleash their super powers on LinkedIn.

Work Experience

Before launching LinkedSuperPowers, Dennis Koutoudis had gathered a lot of work experience as a Social Media Marketing Manager in several companies and in various fields (commodity trading, financial services, property management, food & beverages etc.) helping them (mainly through LinkedIn) accomplish their professional goals.

More About LinkedSuperPowers

Dennis Koutoudis successfully managed to launch his brandwith co-founder Emily Pappas in 2015. LinkedSuperPowers is a global company with offices in New York, London and Athens. The initial focus of the company was to help improve and develop personal LinkedIn profiles. This initial service then went on to grow into other services such as improving company pages, delivering training, and lead generation to individuals and companies globally. Dennis has always been passionate about empowering professionals to express and share their ideas and knowledge by creating a solid online presence for them. Dennis is also keen on giving back to the world. That is why he tries to distribute as many free tips and strategies as he can through his various social media pages. He also tries to be available for and speak to as many people as he can who need his help to accomplish their professional goals.

The Secret To Success

According to Koutoudis, there are few principles to keep in mind in order to achieve success.

He has emphasized the importance of being productive instead of merely being busy. It is more important to prioritize the most important tasks that must be completed and finish them than to spend hours and hours working in an unorganized manner. Prioritization is essential, according to Koutoudis.

Taking effective breaks is very important to feel recharged and stay driven when it comes to one’s work life is another valuable point to remember, according to Dennis. Koutoudis has emphasized the importance of disconnecting from work engagements from time to time. Otherwise, burnout is inevitable.

Koutoudis also believes that mistakes are the building blocks of success. Mistakes should not be seen in a negative light. Instead, he believes that your mistakes will allow you to learn and grow.

Dennis Koutoudis has been featured in several international publications like, Huffington Post, Fortune, Forbes, BuzzFeed, and CNN. According to Koutoudis, he will always be eternally grateful to his grandfather for believing in him and helping him kick-start his entrepreneurial endeavors by investing in his company very early on.

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