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Digital Marketer Gianni Senesi opens up on his journey in the industry, his beliefs, and more



In the last couple of years, digital marketing has become the route for future growth. However, few selected people were able to nurse the success of the industry right from the start and one such person is Italian Digital Marketer Gianni Senesi. He hopped on the bandwagon of the trade right from the start and managed to establish himself as one of the pioneers in the industry.

During this journey, he managed to involve himself with the latest updates in the industry and grew along with it. The thing that helped him in the industry was the belief that one should never be afraid of the judgment of people and no matter what never give up hope. The moment when Facebook launched its advertisement platform, Senesi managed to get with it. He sensed the future and decided to invest his time and attention to the trade. While most people believe in living life in the present, for Gianni, the future was the key. He invested in different courses and programs that helped him to grow in the industry itself.

The most common mistake that people make is that they believe that they can do it all by themselves. However, instead of being overconfident about his skills, Senesi started learning from the various coaches. He got practical knowledge of the trade and worked hard to understand the different aspects of marketing and how to get maximum productivity in a minimum budget and money. As per, the man of the moment, “It’s important to maximize productivity and streamlining workflow, an entrepreneur is destined to fail.”

Senesi’s 4D style of management

In his career, the marketer believes in the 4D’s time management strategy. The 4Ds refer to Do, Defer, Delegate, and Delete. In simple words, when you get a task to perform, start with the process of doing what you can. Make a mental note of all the steps that are needed at the moment and how you can deliver on them. Then think about how to defer or delay the ones that are not important right at the moment. Most people tend to overwhelm themselves with the tasks and forget that it is possible to defer some task at the time. Now, on to the third point, which is to delegate. It is important to seek help as and when need. Every successful entrepreneur knows that you can do it all by yourself but you can do it with a team. Lastly, delete. Delete the tasks that are not required. Don’t force yourself to perform the impossible but just do what you can and what you should.

Gianni Senesi’s life lessons

The biggest life lesson Senesi believes in online business is don’t be afraid of being judged. People often get worried about the opinions of others, especially when they start a business. Unfortunately, the judgment comes from the people close to you, but you need to push it away like water off a buffalo’s back. While many people are lucky to have loved ones who are supportive and kind, some people get stuck in the fear of judgment. People often criticize e-commerce trends as a fluke. This judgment comes from a lack of knowledge about the future of the business in the industry. Even when you are subjected to mockery or doubt, don’t let it shake your belief in yourself. Half of the battle as an entrepreneur is mental.

Another important piece of advice that Senesi shares is that there is no limit to learning. He always focuses on being humble in front of people who have knowledge of any trade as that way you can learn more and more. Even with the smallest of successes, people tend to think of themselves as the master of the world and forget to seek advice from others.

Final Thought

Digital Marketing is an industry that is constantly growing and progressing. To get on with the times, the key is hard work and dedication. There is no substitute for commitment towards work and there is no shortcut in the trade. While many people will question you and doubt you, try to find like-minded individuals that not only understand the trade but also have life lessons for you.

Even though you might fumble and fall along the way, you will find the path if you continue to believe in yourself and push yourself to do better every single day.

“Internet has made it possible for anyone to create wealth regardless of where they come from,” Gianni Senesi concludes

To keep up with Gianni Senesi check out his Instagram here

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