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DJ Chris Gravity on Wielding the Power of Music to Send Messages of Hope and Spread Positivity



Music is no mere accompaniment to a person’s slow days. For countless individuals, it is an integral part of their lives, providing comfort, especially during tough times. When the outbreak of COVID-19 hit, songs became a source of solace. As people worldwide continue to face challenges of different nature, DJ Chris Gravity, a rising name in the music scene, has taken on the mission to wield the power of music to send across a message of hope and positivity to others.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, DJ Chris Gravity has constantly been exposed to songs of various genres while growing up. This emerging powerhouse, who was raised by his mother and stepdad after his father passed away from cancer, began his journey toward the industry when he reached high school. “During every family event, I wanted to be the one playing the music, always getting everyone dancing on their feet,” he shares. As a senior, the passion-fueled go-getter eventually started making the moves necessary to become an acclaimed DJ by organizing big house parties and events in the city. 

In 2018, DJ Chris Gravity made it a step closer to his dream after being contacted by a hookah bar named “Hookah Inn.” Proving his arsenal of skills and talents, he managed to secure permanent employment in the aforementioned establishment, bringing in a crowd whose line went around the shopping center. Today, the self-starter is jumping from club to club in Miami and has been heralded as the next big DJ by industry peers and music enthusiasts alike. 

With a fanbase of over 100,000 followers on Instagram, DJ Chris Gravity is on track to translating his vision of spreading his music throughout the world into reality. He brings to the table a variety of music, including Latin, Soca, EDM, hip-hop, and more. From the get-go, this multi-faceted personality has always stood out among a plethora of other talents in the highly competitive music industry because of his ability to attract enormous crowds and communicate with his audiences. 

Right now, DJ Chris Gravity is making waves in the Miami party scene, dominating the space and demonstrating the potential to lead at the summit one day. Throughout his career, it is not only his inherent talent that can be credited for the heights he has reached so far. Even before dipping his toes in the music realm, the Florida native is known for his hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Regardless of the endeavor, this purpose-driven figure always goes all-out, pouring time and resources in hopes of materializing his dreams. 

Armed with big plans for the future, DJ Chris Gravity shows no sign of slowing down. He aims to travel the world, showcase his skills and energy, and perform in front of large crowds of people. In the process, he wishes to emphasize the role songs have in a person’s life and bank on the good tracks to spread positivity. 

Learn more about DJ Chris Gravity by visiting his website and checking his Instagram page.

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