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Dona Speir – Her Journey From Addiction To Being An Addiction Recovery Expert



At some point in our lives, we’ve all hit our own rock bottom. Whilst an uncomfortable situation to be in, the best thing is that you have nowhere else to go from there but up. Today’s fast-paced life and social climate have truly transformed our lifestyles. With more stress factors and less human interaction, we’re often left to find our own coping mechanisms. 

Empowered by her own mindset shift, Dona Speir has not only maintained her recovery, but has made it her life’s work to help others do the same. With a past consisting of addiction, abuse, and tremendous suffering, Dona had her own rock bottom moment. Being in the Hollywood scene at a young age, she started modeling as a teenager and landed roles in television shows and big-screen films. 

“From the outside, it appeared (as if) I had it all – beauty, success, elite connections – whilst getting to travel the world. But behind the glamour, I was in extraordinary pain. I was groomed and victimized by sexual predators in positions of power. I began using drugs and alcohol to cope with that trauma”, says Dona.

With all those experiences haunting her, Dona constantly feared for her life, but she also found the strength to fight for it. At the age of 23, she was finally able to achieve sobriety, and from then on she never looked back. She knew she had a bigger purpose to pursue, and that is to help others with their own battle with addiction to start anew. 

“After finding my own sobriety, I discovered that my calling and purpose lies in empowering others to find theirs”, says Dona. At present, she is a renowned addiction recovery coach, interventionist, author, and public speaker. Defying the odds of the disease of addiction, Dona is becoming an inspiration for others by guiding them to do the same. 

From Dona’s highs and her inevitable lows, she has shown that even through tremendous suffering, there is always hope, prosperity, and genuine happiness to be found. Now 34 years clean and sober, Dona is empowered, more than ever, to live a sober and prosperous life. 

Through her own unfortunate experience with addiction and alcoholism, to her triumphant recovery, Dona understands the unseen complexities of recovery. As it involves social, physical, and emotional self-determination, veering away from the disease of addiction is no easy feat. 

As a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach I and II and National Certified Interventionist, Dona has gathered enough knowledge both from theory and in practice, enabling her to create recovery strategies as per the individual. 

In 2019,  Dona was finally able to speak her truth to the world. Publishing her memoir entitled Naked Truth, The Fall and Rise Of Dona Speir, Dona recounts the full story of her childhood, modeling, and acting career, and the accompanying abuse. Her memoir also contains the vast details of her addiction and ultimate recovery. 

As an Addiction Recovery Expert, Dona sees humor and enthusiasm as the core principle of her healing process. She seeks to impart more of her practice and knowledge in leading more people into sobriety, with a new perspective in life. Fulfilled and joyous, as Donna has helped thousands of lives, and she aims to aid thousands more. 

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