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Donating a huge sum in the PM CARES FUND, Sahil Maharaj Ji urges people to help one another in their best capacity.



Bal Sant Shri Sahil Maharaj Ji believes that due to the pandemic, people’s emotions have gone for a toss, and there is a high chance of people developing psychological stress and disorders like boredom, anger, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. So, in these trying times, it is important to stick together and help each other in any way possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic began 1.5 years ago, and it has changed the world forever in ways we could have never predicted. From working remotely to home-schooling to prolonged precious family time, the world has witnessed a gigantic change in the way of life due to the pandemic. This huge change, coupled with uncertainty, has overwhelmingly affected many.

During these tough times, it is important to keep up positive thinking. In these adverse times, many individuals stood up against the fear and uncertainty and provided positivity with their winning mental attitude; among them is an individual who not only donated for the benefit of the human race but also helped people in need to mentally recuperate from the pandemic, he is Bal Sant Shri Sahil Maharaj Ji.

Hailing from Jammu & Kashmir, Sahil Maharaj Ji is a saint who is followed and beloved by the people of India. During the COVID pandemic, he contributed to the PM CARES FUND – to help as many people suffering from COVID as possible. Sant Sahil Maharaj Ji believes that donating is the best thing someone can do to help others. He donated an amount of INR 51,000 through cheque and handed it over to the Jammu West unit.

The divine man presented the cheque in the auspicious presence of Former State President BJP, Ex-Minister Sat Sharma (CA), District President Munish Khajuria, along District Vice President Jaideep Sambyal, and Mandal President Keshav Chopra. Other dignitaries at the event were Vinod Wazir, Ashok Singh Wazir, BD Sharma, and Jatinder Singh.

Sat Sharma praised the donation by Sahil Ji Maharaj and underlined how crucial this amount would be to those who are in need. Sahil Maharaj Ji was inspired by PM Narendra Modi Ji’s efforts and policies and urged people to help others in any way they can. He also assured that he would be donating more amounts if the people need it.

Since his donation to Sat Sharma, he has been approached by leaders to contribute more and he has duly obliged. He has also provided cooked food to hundreds every day, along with monetary donations.

Bal Sant Sahil Maharaj Ji strongly believes that the virus will be defeated only if we unite and fight against it together. His donations and efforts to help others during tough times have made him more beloved throughout the country.

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