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Don’t Eat The Homies Fashion Brand Proves Streetwear Can Be Stylish And Sustainable



Don’t Eat The Homies speaks for itself when it comes to veganism, but the actual clothing line says so much more. Founder and CEO of the brand, Jordan Weekly is opening up about her big plans for the small business, her hopes to create change within industry, and turning non-vegans into true animal advocates day by day. 

Tell us about Don’t Eat The Homies and your plans to disrupt athleisure/street style industry? 

We want to become one of the largest streetwear brands out there. There has never been a vegan streetwear brand before us and it would be incredible if we can pave the way to making veganism completely mainstream in the fashion industry and in other parts of pop culture. We want to change the way that people view fashion, and most importantly, the way people view veganism as a whole. 

Obviously, vegans are incentivized to represent the brand. But what about people who are not vegan? 

We have a lot of nonvegans that actually like wearing “Don’t Eat the Homies”. We love when people do this because it still may inspire others to go vegan as well! I think the nonvegans that wear clothing from our brand just like the look and aesthetic of the designs that we’ve created. Whoever wears DETH is raising awareness for the animals and planting seeds.  

There are many vegan influencers and celebrities with major platforms that speak up about veganism. What plans do you have to work with mainstream influencers and celebrities in terms of collaborations with the brand? 

We have a lot of different plans in the works in terms of celebrity collaborations. One of the things we really want to do is create a capsule collection with a celebrity or influencer so we can bring a bit of their style to the design. That way, when they advocate for the brand and veganism as a whole, they can really feel proud of the items they are promoting.

Talk about the quality of sustainability and your clothing items? 

Becoming a fully sustainable clothing brand is extremely important to us, however, it does come with its challenges. We are currently working with a manufacturing company that advocates for sustainability, fairtrade, and women empowerment. We want to be completely sustainable by the end of 2021. Although it has been a challenge to do so, it has been very high on our priority list because we believe in ethical practices. 

If you could have one face to represent the brand, who would it be? 

Lewis Hamilton! We are major fans of his and find what he advocates for extremely inspiring. He not only uses his platform to spread veganism, but talks about positivity in life. We think he would be a great partner. 

For all things Don’t Eat The Homies, visit their website and to keep up with news and new drops follow them on Instagram.

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