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Dr. Amera McCoy Helps Her Clients Seeking Success In The Corporate World



Business Psychologist Dr. Amera McCoy is the CEO and Founder of McCoy Consulting LLC (MCL). As an industrial Organizational Psychologist, McCoy provides consulting, coaching, classes and content to organizations of all sizes. Dr. McCoy established her company to provide end to end business solutions, covering subjects such as employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, performance management, leadership assessment work motivation ethics, relationships at work and much more.

Nowadays, there are countless of business coaching platforms and independent coaches who will offer top tier online consulting. What sets MCL and Dr. McCoy apart from typical business coaches in a competitive marketplace is that she possesses both corporate work experience and the corresponding education needed to excel in this field, while providing a personalized and scalable approach to working with her clients.  One of the underlining issues that MCL specializes in addressing is corporate culture and its relationship with bias and discrimination in the workplace.

Finding Her Voice

As someone who struggled with finding a clear career path in the corporate world after working in the financial industry for more than a decade, Dr. McCoy realized that this had nothing to do with her qualifications and everything to do with racial bias. This is why she possesses first-hand experience to help business owners, executives and employees address team building, performance management training, and ethics training. With a Ph.D. in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Dr. McCoy works to provide the best education and writing skills to help clients advance in their personal and professional lives.

Programs For The Real World

“As a Business Owner I searched for information to avoid mistakes and failures,” said Dr. McCoy. “Rarely did I find things I could use, therefore, I dedicated my time to releasing articles, workshops, training, and guides that help my clients and other business owners.”

With countless programs and courses to learn from, MCL offers a large variety of supplemental tools and consulting that can help individuals find their road to success. MCL’s newest course, Diversity and Inclusion Programming, was created to help human resource, project and program managers create an engaging and dynamic program. Additional courses in the pipeline include Leadership Mindset, where Dr. McCoy will provide insight on how individuals can change their mindset and lead their professional life with confidence to overcome personal and professional roadblocks. MCL’s upcoming Business Tycoon course is designed to help participants expand their business knowledge and help cultivate the confidence required to build a legacy.

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