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Dr Bhasin Talks About Some Amazing Tools to Stay Young – Dermaroller & Face Roller

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Dermaroller and face roller both are equipments used for anti-ageing purposes .This skin device has a handle to hold and roller. Roller in faceroller is made of semi precious stone and on the other hand roller in dermaroller that multiple fine needles

Face roller is not a new tool it has been used in China from more than 100 years while Dermaroller was introduced for clinic procedures by dermatologist and cosmetologist but now it is easily available on online platform and as well as off-line platforms . social media and celebrities have made this more popular by uploading videos demonstrating how to use and it’s anfiageing effects & and second reason Of its popularity is that it’s not very expensive tool .Now let’s talk about both the equipment seperately

Face roller

Face Roller is a device with a handle and two rollers made of semi precious stone.It comes in different Stones ,one of the very popular stone face roller is jade .

Jade roller is a very common face roller but there are many more. face roller has two rollers one big roller in front and one behind a small roller ,the big roller is used for the entire face and a small roller is used for the eye area and around the mouth area.
The benefits of face rollers are quite similar to Guasha as in it helps in reduction in dark circles and puffiness , it gives a nice lift , improves the much flow , removes the toxins , make your face more fresh and with extra glow & brightens the complexion, reduce your lines and removes negativity , tightening of neck and seamless flow of energy. I have explained the role of different stones under Guasha topic, which will help you to chose the stone, I personally love the jade and rose quartz because of its ANTIAGEING effect.

Directions to use face roller

(Always remember to clean & sanitize the stone and then also refrigerate the stone for 2-4 hours for extra benefits & cooling effective like how we did for guasha)

1- You can use any vitamin serum, facial oil or moisturising cream so that the stone glides smoothly without friction. You can start with mild pressure and slowly increase it to moderate pressure.

2 We always start from the net to activate the lymphatic flow so that in case if there is any blockage that we can open so that the flow is seamlessThe direction for the neck is downward from behind the ear to the collar bone and then from center of neck to the side of neck We can every exercise 3 to 10 times

3-Next is the jaw line, starting from the chin to the jaw angle in outward direction, covering the entire jaw line on both

Use the smaller stone roller to cover undereye , mouth and brow area.
2 – Start the under eye area, starting from inner eyes corner to outer eyes corner.
3- start the eyebrow area Starting from the inner eyebrow to outer eyebrow
4-And now the mouth area purse your lips and Roll the drum in outward and upward direction towards the ear and now we are going to use the bigger roller will start cheeks

5-Move to the cheek area, starting from centre to the sides in upward & outward direction.

6-On forehead we do from Centre to decide and from eyebrows to hairline and we are going to end by rolling down the side of neck again to clear all the toxins


Dermaroller looks like face roller but it’s mechanism of action is different which is microneedling. Like faceroller has a smooth drum Made of semiprecious stone this roller has multiple find needles on its surface.
when we roll the Dermaroller on skin surface We actually cause physical injury with these fine needles causing multiple puncture on the skin. The puncture created on the skin by the device are superficial and controlled and does not damage the entire superficial layer of skin, because of trauma the skin releases growth and healing factors and starts the production of collagen & elastin and helps in remodelling of collagen it also helps in the formation of new vessels as well as also helps to break superficial scars. More collagen means more youthful skin and less lines with firmer & smoother skin

Dermaroller can be performed at home as well but make sure to consult your dermatologist before using it at home as there are many skin conditions in which you can’t use this device like eczema, rash, sensitive skin or if you are on some strong medication which can make skin sensitive like Isotret / acne medicine . Please make sure that you are buying the device from authentic place

Benefits –

-It helps in reduction of pores
– To improve fine lines and wrinkle
– Works on reducing the pigmented spots
– In reduction of facial scars
– In reduction of acne scar
– Improves the quality & toneof skin
– Increase the elasticity of skin
– It helps in reducing the stretch marks
– It also helps in delivering of medicines and vitamins in skin
– If done on scalp – it promotes hair growth and reduce hairfall


In this procedure we have to take extra care of sterilisation as needles are involved .In case if you’re doing at home I don’t recommend to go above .5 MM and in case if you are looking for deeper scars treatment then it’s better to get it done at Derma Centre

1- You can use alcohol to clean the derma roller before starting the procedure.
2- make sure you have antibiotic gel to apply for extra precaution post procedure .
3- you can also apply numbing cream just incase if you are scared of needles . Pain is very slight and easy tolerable so normallly people don’t apply topical numbing cream .
4- now you can wash the face & then pay dry with with clean towel or paper and then clean with alcohol before starting
5- you have to glide the roller 3 to 8 times on each area and each direction
6- you can start with vertical movement up and down and then horizontal left to right and finally horizontally.
7-you can cover the entire cheeks ,forehead chin and neck area
8- for undereye area there are small rollers available
9- you can apply moisturiser or Hyaluronic acid so that it can be penetrated in the skin
10- you can do it once to thrice a week

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.