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Drink Water With This Awesome Hydration App Plant Nanny² and Support World Ozone Day



Join the Plant Nanny² #SaveEarthSkin challenge and support World gas Day to assist deliver the goods a healthier planet for future generations. From Sep 11-29, Plant Nanny² app’s developer Fourdesire can present one greenback to the forest Alliance for each 2 further Instagram followers gained.

World gas Day is ascertained on Sep sixteen annually. quite thirty years past, scientists alerted the globe of a hole within the layer caused by artificial , ozone-depleting substances that exposes folks to harmful ultraviolet and poses a significant threat to humanity. Since then, governments round the world have worked in conjunction with the aim of reducing the utilization of ozone-depleting chemicals by ninety nine %. due to this prompt action, the layer is convalescent and World gas Day celebrates the success of this international collaboration.

In a trial to strengthen the importance of layer preservation, Fourdesire has disclosed a replacement digital campaign, #SaveEarthSkin, for its common association app Plant Nanny². to draw in a lot of users to hitch the challenge, the Taiwan-based app developer commits to present funds to the forest Alliance and facilitate conserve forests in property ways in which.

Anyone interested will be part of the challenge via the app’s Instagram platform. for each 2 further Instagram followers obtained, the corporate can present one greenback to the forest Alliance. This way, by drinking a lot of water, users at the same time keep hydrous, maintain skin health and fight deforestation for a healthier planet.

“#SaveEarthSkin could be a nice example of however inventive initiatives will bring folks along toward a typical, property goal,” Wei-Fan bird genus, chief operating officer and founding father of Fourdesire, said. “Our fans embrace improvement, healthy communities and a healthy planet. We’re implausibly excited to supply them a replacement avenue to share their passion and contribute to a significant cause.”

“This campaign brings our mission to life, that is to assist folks maintain health through play,” bird genus supplementary. “The layer is crucial to human life, as is association, and it thus deserves our continuous, dedicated support.”

Released in 2019, Plant Nanny² is Associate in Nursing victory self-care app that aims to inspire users to develop higher eudaimonia habits once it involves drinking their daily intake of water. it had been named Best App by Google Play in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and European nation that very same year.

Starting from Sep, Associate in Nursing upgraded version of Plant Nanny² will be accessible with a easy iOS gismo, providing a lot of personalised reminders to assist users improve their water-drinking habits. moreover, a replacement association Challenge feature are supplementary, permitting users to earn further rewards upon achieving their monthly water intake target.

To join the #SaveEarthSkin challenge, please visit this link and click on ‘Follow’:

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