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EasyFXTrading Works to Teach You How to Succeed at Day Trading



EasyFXTrading is a quickly-growing day trading subscription membership community, a concept that not many people are familiar with. In fact, EasyFXTrading Co-Founders, Danny Reardon, Bogdan Padua, and Joe Amara recount how this obscurity… has become a major issue in the industry that they are solving, “We noticed a lack of quality education in our industry, retail traders were simply not being equipped with accurate information that could launch them into a successful trading career.” EasyFXTrading solves this issue by providing online training and educational resources for those looking to get involved in day trading.

The reason EasyFXTrading has been so successful is because their trading style is so different from the masses, and they take pride in trading very differently from the way most retail traders trade. Members are able to learn from the experience of the mentors as well as the support of the community, which greatly improves their likelihood of success. The company embodies this spirit of collaboration and education within an industry that has suffered from a poor reputation.

Not only does the EasyFXTrading team have a unique philosophy and service offering in their community, but they also have an inspiring story. “Danny, one of EFX’s three Co-Founders, was homeless 4 years ago, but he committed to learning how to trade. Today, he’s a consistently profitable 7+ figure funded trader who is EFX’s head educator and trader.” The opportunities provided by EasyFXTrading can be shared by more than the founders. “Our trading style is different than most because we trade the OPPOSITE of how most retail traders trade: we look for low-risk, high-reward opportunities in the market that align with ‘smart money,’ the banks and institutions that manipulate and control the market.”

This kind of training can be complex and difficult to understand, even with such experienced professionals and a widespread audience. “We have nearly 700 members from 50+ countries, who all gather together inside our community for trade signals, live education, training, and mentorship (Plans starting at $99/mo). Our mission is to groom 5,000 traders to become consistently profitable and self-sufficient, and we haven’t had a single losing month since we launched in May of 2019.” EasyFXTrading is ready to streamline their processes to better help their audience. “Our next project is to organize and simplify all of our education and training materials into a course that is simple and easy to follow.”

The EFX Co-Founders shared some advice for others who might be looking to start their own business, “You don’t need to have a world-class idea, you just need to solve a very real problem for very real people. Spend extra time, if needed, to write down on paper who you serve and in what ways you solve their problems. Clarity at this step will ensure you’re focused and intentional at every step in your journey!”

Check out EasyFXTrading here and see how they can help you generate consistent profits with your day trading.

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