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Elana Van Deventer’s Guide to Building a Business with Confidence and Clarity



The most critical investment any entrepreneur can make is not investing in marketing and promotions, but investing in one’s internal settings. The true success of big companies does not only rely on organizational systems alone; these remain futile when no one is behind them. The people within a business must also have the character development to realize potential and actualize goals and objectives. This fact is often overlooked since most, if not all, of the focus is directed towards making more sales. 

Elana van Deventer, an alignment coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Revive Method, believes that businesses should be built with confidence and clarity. That includes each member of the team. She started her company after experiencing the lowest moment in her life, but it turns out it was exactly what she needed to become the truest version of herself. She’s on a mission to teach women around the world to find that freedom for themselves by aligning their hearts, minds, bodies, and actions with the truth. 

Three Essentials

In every endeavor—may it be personal or business-related—the goal is to do good and, ultimately, succeed. So how do you get everyone on board and going in the same direction? Elana identified three essentials for anyone in any field, that will make them a stronger team member, and propel the success of the overall business.

Without this, you will search for yourself in the approval of others, the accolades of a successful career, or in any number of other addictions. Each endeavour will ultimately be disconnected from the natural flow of your heart’s true desires. Having a strong, rooted identity allows for the stability to grow in the direction you actually want to aim for, the one you dream about but maybe never say out loud. Being rooted in your identity also contributes to your decision-making processes and behaviors as you engage in the world you are planted in. Once you know who you are, you’ll be able to push through any impediment you are faced with. When growing becomes a requirement for an adventurous life, and no longer just an option, life suddenly appears limitless.

It is so easy to feel stuck and restless, but it is possible that those feelings are a good thing, like an internal navigation system. These feelings point you toward something that perhaps you cannot see with your logical senses. On paper, your life might have checked all the boxes you would have expected it to, but that longing goes much deeper. It doesn’t quit, either. Through unexpected redirection, you may be steered  to your true purpose in life. Living on purpose, beyond a lifeless routine, is a unique and dynamic journey for every individual; it’s not something that can be diagnosed on the outside. But you’ve been designed precisely to grow and develop towards true prosperity. It’s already in your genetic makeup.

Human life is devalued all the time and you often become desensitized to it even though your very existence is miraculous and an everyday wonder. Recognizing the value of life and your worth before you ever do the work to align yourself with your identity and purpose, is actually what’s necessary to open the doors of opportunity and to grow. Understanding that your worth exists before you even acknowledge it relieves you of the pressure to “become” something and instead, frees you to pursue your heart’s desires from a place of victory!

Those are wise words and pieces of advice from Elana van Deventer. If you want to know more about her and register for The Revive Method, you can contact Elana through these following channels:

Instagram: @elanavandeventer



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