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Emerge Next Leaders is hosting the Teen Innovation Summit this Friday, April 16-Saturday, April 17th



According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, young people were hit hardest by COVID-19-related unemployment: Per a report by the Economic Policy Institute, from Spring 2019 to Spring 2020, the unemployment rate for workers aged 16 through 24 rose by 16% to 24.4%. According to the Employment Policies Institute, this rate among African American teens remains shockingly high at 29.5%, which is six times more than the national rate. Many young people remain cut off from their academic networks, are grappling with lost internships and in-store retail jobs as well as the need to enhance digital skills as many offices remain remote.

The Teen Innovation Summit is happening this Friday April 16-17 will involve the process to democratize access to education that will help guide teens to career pathways that build economic opportunities. In addition, how to close the information gap to today’s most exciting careers: technology, creativity, and business. This will be a culturally relevant, fun, informative, and engaging experience, providing unparalleled knowledge and connections. Lastly, the event will center around how to inspire, educate, empower and embrace diverse, ambitious high school and college students to help them achieve their career goals.


  • Careers in Digital Marketing, Social Media and other technology avenues

  • Crafting a career in becoming a leader as a corporate business leader or Entrepreneur

  • Career Opportunities at the intersection of gaming, technology, and creativity.

  • Design Thinking and Engineering

Other career topics:

Advertising & Marketing // Automotive Industry // Sneaker Design & Engineering // Cybersecurity // Web Design // Film, Music, & Entertainment // Computer Science & Robotics // Entrepreneurship.

More on the organizer:

Alissa Constable is an award-winning marketing consultant, executive producer, and social impact leader who works for brands, media, entertainment, nonprofit and technology companies. Alissa delivers unique  ideas and client projects have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Advertising Age.

Alissa founded EMERGE/NEXT Leaders, a social impact/experiential education company that creates and produces digital and live events designed to inspire, educate, and celebrate diverse high school and college students pursuing career pathways in creativity, technology and business and their first event launches this Friday.

She has been recognized by The Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago (MSI) named Alissa – MSI’s 2019 Black Creativity Innovator and TOYOTA honored her with the 2017 Green Sustainability Award at the Salute Her Awards.


  • Spice Adams, Former NFL Player and TV Host
  • Bobby Simmons, NBPA Career Counselor
  • Adrian Franks, Global UX Designer, IBM
  • Beyond The Dunk hackathon, higher education village, and sneaker design workshops.

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