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Emmanuel Olowe trying to teach the youth financial literacy



What is the importance of financial literacy?

Teaching children financial literacy will assist in their future. Many adults have little to no financial awareness of the way credit works. The lack of understanding will lead to wrong financial decisions, savings fights, and mass debt. Early financial preparation is worthwhile for parents and students. This expertise enables parents and schools in their lives to provide foundations for building good money habits and avoiding the many mistakes made by adults today.

Alex And Sam’s Lemonade Stand

The author and filmmaker Emmanuel Olowe is an individual who seeks to help teach children Financial Literacy. He wrote a book called Alex and Sam’s Lemonade Stand. The child’s book will be published in June and has been credited to help parents teach their kids the value of money.

He is known for Film Production, but he also loves writing. If we talk about his book, it would not be wrong to say that he is in the final phase of completing his book. His book, Alex and Sam’s Lemonade Stand, revolves around a boy named Alex who sees a skateboard in a shop. When he sees that skateboard, he wants to buy it. This urge to buy a skateboard pushes him to start a business. So, he makes a lemonade stand. During all this, he learns many important things.

The main characters of the story are Alex, a passionate boy, and his older brother Sam, who, along with Alex, starts a lemonade stand in their neighborhood.

He Wants To Teach Youth

He wants to teach the youth about financial literacy. As technology continues to revolutionize, it’s the best time to teach children about financial literacy. Emmanuel was not taught financial literacy in his childhood, so he felt like it’s essential to learn. Because of a lack of financial literacy, Emmanuel had deplorable spending habits. So, he is writing this book to create awareness about financial literacy among the youth. The value of financial literacy is crucial for youngsters. When parents do not instruct their children, they will need to learn complicated and costly ways at an early age about how to be financially responsible.

This book will teach the youth about buying their things rather than asking their parents to buy them. When they develop a habit of earning and fulfilling their needs, this will help them in their practical life. We see that most parents buy their children everything they want and don’t teach them real-life lessons regarding the value of money. This is a bad habit. We should teach children about the worth of money. By writing this book, Emmanuel aims to teach them these essential real-life lessons and the importance of entrepreneurship in life.

Youngsters Must Read This Book

This book will help children to develop good management skills and make them financially responsible. There is a major misconception among the parents that they think that their children are too young to be taught financial literacy. But the reality is that this is not true. Parents need to teach their kids about finance. If they don’t develop financial responsibility at an early age, they will not be able to learn it at an older age either.

So, because of the reasons mentioned above, Emmanuel Olowe came up with a good solution. He decided to write a story regarding financial literacy that is now in its final stage.

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