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Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri Suggest 5 Pillars That An Entrepreneur Needs To Be Updated



At the same time that the company and profits grow, the entrepreneur needs to develop, acquiring new skills and competences to manage the business. The training as a professional allows the leader to catch up, engage and motivate employees. Such a company manages to innovate and evolve. In addition to being important to update yourself on the market in which it operates, it is also essential that the entrepreneur is attentive to the company’s internal scenario.

Entrepreneur and founder of Launchigo Media Piyush Dimri understand that the entrepreneur must always be ahead of what is happening. “The most interesting point is that it is not an obligation, but rather that he develops a curiosity to know how to understand a certain topic”.

Piyush Dimri briefly explains why an entrepreneur always needs to update and study. Scroll down to read. 

1. People

When new generations enter the market, personal relationships change completely and the professional needs to be aware of this. The entrepreneur needs to know that the way to deal with a new intern at the company, for example, is different from how it was 5 years ago. “The leader needs to learn this because not only the employee but also the customers are going to change.”

2. Processes

The area in which the entrepreneur is inserted is constantly changing, consequently, he also needs to change the processes and the way of doing. For this, the entrepreneur can be connected to some class entity or a group of people that does the same thing that he does. “The USA is very afraid of the competition, but the competition is very good to exchange experience, share anguish, share knowledge and be more sure of the decision he will make”. A good example given by Piyush is the conversations that the automakers have with each other to decide which initiatives to take to give collective vacations or to suspend a production unit.

3. Regulation

When an entrepreneur sets up a business, he has access to the set of laws that must be complied with according to the area of ​​the enterprise. “The leader needs to keep up to date on this because the rules can change.” 

4. Technology

The updating of technology impacts both the pillars of processes and regulation, as well as the services that a company can offer. “It is interesting to have a website where people interact with the brand, offer free wifi service to customers in their establishment or have applications that make life easier for consumers.”

5. Relationship

For Piyush, the relationship is the perpetuation of the business. Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to understand what the client prefers. ‘The owner must know how to differentiate the behaviour of each consumer. For example, for a customer of a particular generation, it is better to send a printed card via mail; to the other, by email.

Reading and acquiring knowledge about other sectors, in addition to the area in which it operates, also adds value to the entrepreneur. There are apps like Pocket, for example, that can help you with this task.

In case if you’ve any questions to ask Piyush Dimri feel free to contact him via his social profile. Facebook and Instagram.

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