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Exclusive Interview with KellyAnne, Executive Producer of Models Talk on KA Fashion TV



Thanks for interviewing with us. Can you share with us the backstory about what brought you to your specific career path?

What brought me to this specific career path is the Covid-19 pandemic. My love for creativity and the inspiration received from Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue. Here I was sulking over what to do with my business and declining sales when I saw her on social media pleading for us to come together as a society for the sake of fashion and new designers that had fallen on hard times. There was even a place to donate funds. I quickly began to understand that the same industry that had so readily received me was now needed for me to give back to them. It made me check on a few of my fashion designer friends and as I suspected, they too were hurting. Models were no longer being booked for projects, designers could not showcase their collections or find open locations to sell them in. It was then that I sought out ways to keep everyone relevant through this crisis in the safest most positive space I could find. Hence, the birth of KA Fashion TV.

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Tell us about KA Fashion TV. What is the mission and vision of this channel?

KA Fashion TV (KAFTV) is a positive fashion channel featuring models, designers, celebrity interviews, music, and entertainment. The mission of this platform is to bring attention to up and coming as well as seasoned fashion designers and performers. We envisioned that one day, KAFTV would be recognized as one of the biggest fashion outlets along with hosting an annual fashion awards gala. Especially since Covid-19 has caused so many fashion & entertainment events to be canceled.

Tell us about Models Talk and what the show is about.

Models Talk is a show on KAFTV that I thought of last year when I noticed that many like me in the entertainment industry were dealing with business loss and lots of negative news due to Covid-19. Models Talk is not just about being a model but actually about exhibiting model behavior. This is a show where fans will witness who these people really are as models, actors, designers, musicians, stylists, and entertainers. We only ask questions that reflect the positive and affirm the good in our interviews and in those we spotlight. We do not sensationalize or highlight any form of controversy or ever debate on anyone’s political or religious choices. We, clearly, had more than enough of that in 2020.

How has the pandemic affected you personally and professionally?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected my business as many store locations which carried my haircare line closed. It also caused all of my fashion events to be postponed or canceled altogether. This has caused me to slow down and rethink as any business person would and take stock of my business and personal life. Unfortunately, I lost a few business partners and friends during this unprecedented and unfortunate time. However, a bit of a silver lining, as little did I know, that re-invention was on the horizon in the form of a new television channel and show.

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