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Experience a Flat belly fast in a fun way with Hip Hop Fitness Star JeannieFit



Are you dreading the Gym? Or are you longing for a unique way to burn your calories and get a lean flat belly? Well, you can level up your core and fitness routine with JeannieFit, creator of myHipHopFit! Research has shown that  hip hop fitness is a high-impact cardio workout effective in building core muscle, tone the body and getting your heart pumping for some amazing cardio! In Fact JeannieFit’s formula has you level up all areas of life especially the core using her focus point method for inner core training.

The Shining Fitness Star

Jeannie Martingano know as JeannieFit  is the creator of MyhiphopFit, aiming to enhance lives through hip hop fitness and maximize the expression of the perfection of every human being! She is that one camera fitness personality who inspires people to move and lead a healthy lifestyle through fun focused movement and an intentional lifestyle. As a fitness and dance professional, JeannieFit has had the opportunity  to work and be a part of Oprah’s 24th season kickoff party, N.A.S.A. music video, AFAA CEU course creator, national and international fitness presenter, ryka shoes brand ambassador and fitness education companies to provide high-quality education and movement.

Jeannie currently works with Amazon to live stream myhiphopFit classe to the employees of Amazon. She has also been recognized for her hard-earned abs appearing on morning shows in Rhode Island, Florida and Hawaii. Jeannie has had the privilege to teach over 200 instructors in the nation her program so that they can go on to change other people’s lives and bodies! But here is the big question:

JeannieFit Fitness Journey

The clock keeps ticking. But are you becoming the person you desired to be? Or are life challenges killing your dreams? Don’t think having a great core happened over night for Jeannie. 

Jeannie struggled with unhealthy lifestyle choices coming from a third world country at an early age. Making pivots in her lifestyle was vital after she had been diagnosed, labeled unhealthy with a slew of medical issues for her and her parents. By the time she was 16 her mom was disabled due to a fall, her dad had massive heart issues and she was going in for more medical procedures for more health problems. Things changed when JeannieFit met her husband,  Dr. Dan Martingano D.C. she learned how to take control of her health. She even learned how to incorporate her first love dance by enhancing other people’s lives. She loved hip hop so much that she used this as the medium and started developing her core training method so that people can do it in a safe, fun and effective way! Since then she has passed this knowledge and movement on to many people and even instructors who take her training program. Today, she instructs behind a camera with her jF crew. Incredible! People can now workout from home and learn at their own pace. 

How can JeannieFit’s method get you a flat belly fast?

The core left to its own devices will go untrained. The core’s main function is to support and stabilize the spine and internal organs. When you intentionally train the core to take form in a long lean and supportive way you start becoming more confident and less limited to to mention a flat belly right away! The inner core consists of the pelvic floor that supports the bladder, the transverse abdominis that acts like your natural innate waist trainer that stabilizes the pelvis, the diaphragm which provides stability when engaged and the multifidus to stabilize the spine. When you train the core to engage these muscles and then dance you change your belly, spine and body physiology.

Jeannie’s Focus Point Method for inner core training is the first thing participants learn before class starts. Here is how you can do it to train your core and flat end your belly right now!

Level 1: Engage

Step 1: Find the top of your hip bones on both sides with our fingers. Now bring the fingers together so they meet at the middle point of the spine two inches below the belly button. This is the center most point of your body or the “FOCUS POINT” as Jeannie calls it. 

Step 2: Exhale and shrink wrap your belly so all your inner core muscles diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and multifidus (that runs along the spine) come together and engage all at the same time.

Step 3: Now maintain this engagement for an extended period of time. If you do it for an hour you’ll burn 50 calories per hour and train your waist for a long sleek look!

Level 2: Move

This happens when we move the spine especially during a hip hop fitness workout when we do 100’s of crunches per class to grow those core muscles!

Level 3: Explode

This is for the athlete level who can do explosive movements like plyometric jumps or intense movements of the spine after they have mastered level 1& 2 as well as myHipHopFit choreography!

Want to dance and learn with this fitness star and expert on core training? JeannieFit brings the workouts to you, and you don’t need to spend in the Gym. All you need is to download the app and access workouts from your phone or tablets. Jeannie’s training saves time! Her activities also keep you pumped, motivated and moving. JeannieFit has also broken down all her choreography, which makes it easy for anyone to dance. Getting a flat belly has never been more fun!







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