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Fatima Hassan Might Be The Mom Boss Of 2021



Today we have the honor of bringing our readers an outstanding and powerful woman. Her name is Fatima Hassan, and she’s mastered the juggle of entrepreneurship, motherhood, and “hustle.” She’s one of the more interesting women online that was recently brought to our attention, and we’re excited to share the following interview we were able to conduct with her and her team.

1. How did you decide you wanted to purchase a Cold Stone Franchise?

I grew up in a family of immigrant parents who are a great example of the American dream through their drive and business mindset. This rubbed off on me in my early childhood and now I can confidently call myself an opportunist. I started attending business expos and soon saw the Cold Stone Franchise. I knew the idea was timeless and ice cream would be around forever. Coldstones modern twist on it was brilliant with the concept of mixing your own personal creation. The franchise calls it “the ultimate ice cream experience” and I couldn’t agree more.I had to bring the concept to Fort Lauderdale, which was a growing city at the time of opening in 2006 and now is a successful urban melting pot as I suspected. I’m thrilled to be part of the Cold Stone family.

2. What makes your Cold Stone in Fort Lauderdale unique?

We are family owned so there are many personal efforts such as catering, donating to local charities, building relationships with locals amidst enjoying servicing the tourists. We are located in East Fort Lauderdale, surrounded by the beautiful beaches. This environment has its own charm such as being the yachting capital of the world. We also have the Fort Lauderdale convention centers attracting professionals from all over the world which are amazing people to network with.

3. Is it difficult juggling your life in Houston with Florida?

I am great with time management so that makes it easier. I also love balancing my family life in both states. I live for being very involved with my family and friends and not missing out on any important moments of their lives. I also try my best to stay self motivated and active with new things to challenge myself as an individual. Some examples of ventures I have tried and succeeded at are Real Estate brokering, home flipping, the aforementioned Cold Stone franchise and An-Nisa center. An Nisa is an organization where volunteers make local efforts to transform lives within the communities for those in need.

4. What’s the greatest joy of being a mother?

I encourage my son to be very involved with his family, academics and extracurriculars. When he does so, it is very rewarding. I most enjoy helping him create a life he can always take to the next level.

Superhero mom is my nickname with my son and I could not love it more. Making memorable “superhero” experiences daily with the one & only Tata-Tayeb is my favorite pastime.

5. What’s the greatest struggle of being a mother?

To put your children first but still care for yourself.

6. What advice would you give to others looking into owning a franchise?

Put the hard work into your product and you will indulge in the benefits. Cold Stone specifically puts a focus on having fresh products. Ice cream is made fresh daily along with our novelty items such as Ice Cream cakes, ice cream cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches.

7. What trends do you see happening in the Ice Cream world as we continue along in 2021?

DIfferent and unique flavors as we diversify from your typical flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc. At Cold Stone, we create new happening flavors quarterly which are usually hits and eventually become an everyday flavor.

8. What is your ultimate goal in life?

To balance business, family and self care equally. Continue growing as a person in all facets of life. I am motivated to try new ideas and opportunities which is the foundation of how I am an entrepreneur. This allows me to put time in where I want. be my own boss and control my schedule.

A daily reminder I tell myself is the following,

“the happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”

On my time away from work, I make sure to stay social and keep good relations with my friends all over the world as technology has made that easier. My goal is to stay this way no matter what is happening in my own life professionally, etc.

I also take pride in my role as a mother and want to be the best mother I can for my son. I believe there are no limits to what you can accomplish because opportunity is always waiting behind the next door that finds you. I preach to not be afraid of change because that is often when you grow the most.

9. If you had to name drop one other entrepreneur or person who is at the top of their game, who would it be and why?

“My mission in life is to make people happy” is a statement by Walt Disney and his career is proof in itself. His empire of film producing, character creation, theme parks and more puts a smile on millions daily. I respect his positive impact on the world.”

Fatima Hassan is an uprising public figure in our country, and she’s worth following.

Check out Fatima and her son Tata’s Instagram page’s below:

Fatima Hassan Instagram

Tata Tayeb Instagram

Fatima, is there anything you’d like to say to conclude this interview?

Our location is utilized by both locals and tourists which ensures no dull days at work as you get to connect with people from all over the world. We hope to see you all soon.

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