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Florian Sondershausen, A German Enterpreneur Who Changed His Life With His Smart Brains & Hard-work



Florian Sondershausen is the founder and managing director of Sondershausen Media GmbH. He started his venture with his business partner Christian Haag. Together, they help people under digital finance and provide many such great services online. With his hardwork and quest for growth, Florian has come a long way in his career.

Hailing from Germany, Florian describes himself as ‘self-confident, attentive, very generous and respectful and transparent person’. Even when he works or collaborates for business or provides services to customers, he believes that it is necessary to be kind and loyal.

For Florian Sondershausen, the internet has proved a boon. He always knew that it will be a huge market for Business, especially Enterpreneurs like him. So he spent as much time he can to understand how it functions and help him earn money. From working as a gamer to a cook, Florian has achieved many such goals in his career.

Talking about being a founder and working as a digital finance marketer, Florian Sondershausen’s life has changed drastically. His income growth has been immense and he’s known among people for his smart brains and a down-to-earth personality. He wants more and more people to be aware of how internet can help people build strong business and earn better.

When asked about his working methods, Florian Sondershausen says, “I help people to learn from my mistakes through 1:1 templates to benefit directly.” To help people understand the benefits of digital finance, he also trains them with free of cost. “I have a video online course for people who are willing to invest with me. It is free of charge,” reveals the successful entrepreneur.

Florian Sondershausen worked day and night to change his life. In this process of starting from scratch to becoming successful, he is able to understand himself very well. He knows that success and failure are a part and parcel of the journey he is into. But he is happy that he decided to take a chance, learned, improved and seen immense growth in his life and financially too.

When asked how his life has changed over the years and how he feels about it, Florian says, “Life’s been exciting. From being a school drop-out, then becoming a gamer who earned 1000-2000€ a month, then working as a cook and again realising that only self-employment is my core interest, I’ve seen growth in myself and my lifestyle.”

Florian Sondershausen doesn’t want to stop here. He says that internet is a wide world and one can explore as much as they want. If he finds something that matches his interests, he would definitely venture into it and start working. He enjoys the process of learning and implementing the changes that are crucial for a better tomorrow.

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