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Founder of Flawless Diamonds Co., Nicholas Flathau’s Advice to Hopeful Entrepreneurs and the Importance of Customer Relations



“Dedication, hard work, and sacrifice those are three key ingredients to be successful.” Founder of Flawless Diamonds Co. Nicholas Flathau shared this in response to how he’s built his career as a successful entrepreneur. Already being the proud owner of two successful businesses, an AT&T franchise and a real estate firm, Flathau decided recently expanded his horizons into the jewelry business with Flawless Diamonds Co. and has succeeded with flying colors and the iciest of pieces of jewelry.

“It’s a struggle starting out because people don’t know who you are, with no respect towards your name until they start seeing your work,” Flathau states. Building Flawless Diamonds from the ground up was a tough process, as it took time for Flathau to establish his potential clientele base with how high-quality and unique his jewelry was. Eventually finding his footing, Nicholas and Flawless Diamonds has seen nothing but success. Flawless Diamonds has attracted all sorts of clientle including notable celebrities NLE Choppa, Lil Zay Osama, and Lil Reese, among others.

Using the social media and general business skills he had learned while building his AT&T franchise and real estate business to their high levels of success, Flathau incorporated these strategies into his business plan for Flawless Diamonds. Additionally, he emphasized an importance on unique customer service experiences.

“The customer service that we provide with each customer is outstanding,” Flathau states proudly. Creating mostly custom jewelry, nearly every piece Flathau and his team design are one of one and made to the customer’s exact wishes. These personal customer relations allow for Flawless Diamonds to bring their customer’s imagination to life in their jewelry.

On top of his impressive work ethic with his companies, Flathau has also dedicated his time and resources to charitable causes throughout Chicago, the city where he was born, raised, and operates his business from. Some of his stouthearted philanthropy benefits those Chicago families who are struggling to pay rent or even afford their next meal.

“I know what that was like when I was younger,” he recalls. “My mother was considered under the poverty line, so we always went to a food pantry or our church if we needed help.”

Simultaneously, Nicholas Flathau and the Flawless Family are changing lives and changing the jewelry game, one diamond at a time.

To learn more about Nicholas Flathau and marvel in the work of Flawless Diamonds Co., follow the company on Instagram and visit their website.

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