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Frances Cahill, #1 Fear Disruptor, Helping People Achieve Stardom on Their Dream Stage

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Frances Cahill is the #1 Fear Disruptor and wants Everyone to achieve stardom on their Dream Stage.

“What is the first reaction you have when you are faced with SPEAKING IN PUBLIC? Is it paralyzing fear or just full reverse thrust to get out of there quickly?”

 “What would it be like to recognize that you have an important message to share and the confidence to step up and speak your truth?”

“How handy would it be to have a toolkit of proven techniques to disrupt the fear and move you to a position of confidence and clarity?”

Frances Cahill has formulated 33 mental and physical ways to disrupt the fear of public speaking. Her programs have been developed from more than 30 years of experience in performance and coaching to set the individual on their path to speaker stardom.

Her mission is to empower 10,000 people to become powerful, captivating speakers by helping them break through fear and giving them the tools to tell their stories with confidence and clarity. 

The mission has its headquarters in a new and growing movement, The Speak Easy Club.  It is the latest and growing tribe of people who are committed to conquering the fear of speaking in public and transforming every aspect of their lives. It is THE place for daily doses of tips, techniques, and activities for learning, engaging, and winning the war against fear. 

The point of joining the Speak Easy Club is to start recognizing the barriers and breaking them down to move through to the power of speaking excellence.

Who is Frances Cahill?

Frances has an academic background in Sociolinguistics and a long career in performance and coaching for speech writing and delivery.   

She has appeared on Australian national TV Channel 9 and ABC Radio and was a teaching principal of a drama academy.  She is a welcomed guest on many podcast programs where she speaks about transforming fear into confidence.   

There was a dark period in her life as a newly divorced single mother of two teenagers when she faced a bleak financial future. Frances found her self-confidence to be smashed, and for the first time in her life, she found speaking with people a very challenging experience.

This was the turning point for Frances. There was no easy quick-fix solution for this, but she was determined to build a lasting legacy for every person who has faced the fear of public speaking.

She spent 12 months researching, combining what she had learned from communications theory, distilled her theatre performance history, and returned to her core value of being of service to people.  The results were a range of programs that offer tailored practical solutions for people who want to speak confidently in public. Each person starts their journey at different levels. The Speak Easy Speak Confident Road Map will land the traveler on the best starting point and form the building blocks to speaker stardom on their personally constructed Dream Stage.

This is the moment so many clients dream of. When it happens, the joy and satisfaction experienced by them are only matched with the buzz Frances feels when another client has claimed back their space in their professional, business, and personal life. 

“How do I start?”

The first step for anyone to take on this journey is to imagine this scene.

“What would it be like to step up and speak confidently in public?”

The door is now open to investigate what is needed to achieve that dream. The first and best step to take is to join the Speak Easy Club. The next might be reading a short eBook – Public Speaking – almost an Introduction. Finally, there are a number of programs on offer on her website

For a small business owner it may be completing the Magic 3 elements of the Small Business Boot Camp:

  • “Know Your Why” 

– Why are you in business?” “What is the unique experience you give to your clients and customers?” Making money and giving good service doesn’t differentiate an individual from all the other good service giving, money-making businesses, does it?  There’s much more to explore.

  • “Get into your Role” 

– “What role are you performing when you get up to speak?” Yes, every speaking event is a performance. “Are you an expert in your field?  Are you the friendly smile improver? (Dentist) Do you deal in death? (Pest controller) Are you there to give people back time to be with their families? (Bookkeeper).  It matters,” Frances explained.

  • “Love Your Voice”

 – “Use your voice, face, and body as all integral parts of the instrument you deliver your message with. How clearly do you articulate words? What is the speed you deliver your message? What are your eyes doing? How are you standing when you deliver the message? How does volume differ from projection?”

Putting the package together is simple once everyone has nailed the separate parts 1,2 and 3. People should complete this Boot Camp, and they are well on their way to Speaking Stardom as a small business owner.

Giving a hand up

Frances is committed to giving everyone the tools to make fear of public speaking just a memory in the past with no power to influence today or tomorrow.

She knows what it is like to feel trapped by lack of clarity and confidence and being afraid to speak. Her voice being silenced became a barrier to freedom in living life to the full. Her mission is to make sure that there is assistance at hand for anyone who wants to start the journey to speaking success.

 “Join Frances on her website now to secure your free fear disruptor starter kit.” Or follow her on her social media pages like LinkedIn and Instagram. Lastly, be sure to join her elite group, The Speak Easy Club and Polish Your Pitch

Article Published by: Authority Sharks PR
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Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.