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Francine Gillian Garcia: the mastermind and CEO behind Ju Poppin



In this world, there has been a war prevailing in every field of work and millions of people are running to be the best and confident from everyone. They tend to stand apart from everyone, doing everything possible to create a social presence in this world and looking good is definitely one such tactic. Hereby, we present you Ju Poppin, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago is the best hair products selling company which has been flourishing substantially since few years and has been breaking the industry by producing and inventing some exceptional hair products. Ju Poppin was established and entrenched by a passionate and wistful serial entrepreneur and a brilliant hairstylist educator, popularly known by the name of, Francine Gillian Garcia.

In the recent past, the company Ju Poppin has been performing extremely well under the wise superintendence of Francine Gillian Garcia. She is a woman of principles and sheer passion and has been working round the clock to strengthen her company and expand the company’s production landscape all over the world. Through the company, Francine Gillian Garcia is on a mission to bring back the trend of healthy and better hair.

Francine Gillian Garcia attended Vessigny government secondary in Trinidad and appropriately received her GED with Brooklyn College continuing her educational classes. She began her hair education starting with Hairanns hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad and continued with Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal and Najah, sticking with simultaneous mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer & Grant Cardone. She has entirely been focusing on her career with continued efforts to build up her company and stand apart in the industry, her love and devotedness for doing hair and making the women feel the most gorgeous and beautiful in the whole world.

Francine got her first breakthrough when she was featured in Essence and Oprah magazine providing her with the limelight that she dreamt of from the beginning. Apart from the day-to-day hard work and toiling behind her company, she always makes sure to have time for her family, her love and affection for her kids depicts her spiritual soul and the kind and generous woman of God that she possesses with words of wisdom that touches so many souls. Along with being the owner and CEO of the leading hair product selling company, and a professional hairstylist educator Francine Gillian Garcia has been an excellent content creator and a philanthropist, being philanthropic (giving), her love and fondness for God and gospel music- all of this makes her a complete generous and admirable human being. Being a renowned content creator, she has proficiently entertained millions of audiences through her viral and trendiest contents.

Francine Gillian Garcia started out with nothing and has now made her name into one vouched for by millions. She is truly an inspiration for everyone out there!

Know more about Francine on her website:

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