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From The Ground Up: Lake Ridenour’s Journey to Cinematography Success



Lake Ridenour is the creator and operator of Lake Front Productions and works as a cinematographer, photographer, and videographer from Miami, Florida. His studio company is dedicated to sharing stories from different people, encapsulating precious moments, and making an impact in the world. Lake has always been fascinated by interesting stories from people from all walks of life.

Lake describes his passion as a mix of storytelling magic and listening to people’s life stories and their journey in every path they take. This was his primary reason for establishing his own production company, apart from his desire to exercise his skills in holding the camera. Lake has incredible talent in all facets of studio production, like shooting, editing content, and coming up with marketing strategies to boost brands.

Growing up in a small town pushed Lake to dream big and explore opportunities outside the rural city he always knew. He considers losing his brother as a defining moment in his life, as this made him decide to live his dream for him as well. Later on, he found the motivation to follow his passion, which is telling stories through the art of photography.

After finishing high school, Lake made the bold decision of stepping out of his hometown and moving to Miami to begin chasing his dream. He looked for opportunities he knows are only available outside of the city since he was determined to make his name known. Since then, he has continually developed and honed his craft and passion for storytelling and made it his official career.

Slowly but surely, opportunities came knocking on Lake’s door as the time came for him to do bigger projects aside from the regular small gigs. Despite being completely self-taught, he kept in step with professional cinematographers and videographers who had formal education and training from prestigious academies. Later on, Lake became the editor for I Come Up Marketing, a social media marketing agency.

While working as an editor for I Come Up Marketing, servicing over 3,000 clients, Lake started creating documentary series for individuals. He’s piloted a docu-series and even got to work with Sports Illustrated Swim Search, where he shot and edited videos of participants and captured their stories in the process.

Lake’s biggest challenge in his personal life, which impacted his career, is losing his brother and grandmother back in high school. He and his brother had the mantra, “As you taught me and shall it remain; I’ll live enough for the both of us.” He used this as his motivation to survive the challenges he faced when he moved to a larger and busier city to start a new life.

Lake has an official Instagram page and website where he shares his amazing work as a cinematographer and photographer. He wants everyone to know that their story is important, and he has a special way of telling them through his lenses. This storytelling can make an impact on another person’s life, which is his and his company’s ultimate goal.

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