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Full Story: How Rajathileepan Pararajasingam Is Building A Business Empire



Have you ever thought of starting or creating a business? Or do you ever wonder how people start businesses and scale within a short time? Indeed there is a secret behind all this. It requires ambition, inspiration, and focus.

The stories of great individuals in society are essential as far as our future in business is concerned. It is through reading and listening to successful people that we get inspired. You could be having the potential, but do you know how to kick it off? You need not have much money to start a business from scratch. All you need is to walk your talk and take one step at a time. You need not fear anything or any obstacles. Additionally, passion is crucial. Be passionate about the business you want to start.

Rajathileepan Pararajasingam is a flourishing icon in the business industry. His story is an inspiration that will steer you to the next level in business. 

Who Exactly Is Rajathileepan Pararajasingam?

Rajathileepan Pararajasingam is an all-around person in the business world. His endless efforts in the business industry have bore fruit. He does not believe in failure. Pararajasingam’s ambition since childhood is what has made him who he is today. Rajathileepan was born on January 6, 1985, in Tamil Eelam. He spent most of his childhood learning business strategies at his father’s gas station and auto parts shop. He also laid hands on home-based businesses, such as tailoring, and making traditional Tamil sweets. At the age of 10, Rajathileepan relocated to a different place where he stayed with a relative. In April 1997, he emigrated to Canada where he was reunited with his family.

At the age of 16, he found a part-time job and supported his family financially that still lived back home. In the early 20’s Rajathileepan found interest in photography and graphic design and went to college to acquire more knowledge. He worked with ‘Atrium Pictures’ and gained skills. With the skills gained, Rajathileepan started his own multi-media production company, Zion Creation.

What Has Propelled Rajathileepan Pararajasingam To Success?

Rajathileepan’s success has not been a walk in the park. He has fought many battles, including being a refugee in a different country. Rajathileepan has learned never to give up in life. He has remained focused and determined in his businesses. He considers the future more than he does the present. More-so his confidence since childhood, humility, hard work and persistence are what have made him become a great person.

Rajathileepan started as a helper in his father’s gas station and auto parts shops. He also got involved in home-based businesses, such as tailoring, and making traditional Tamil sweets. He found a part-time job at the age of 16, and he was able to support his family financially that still lived back home. He then found interest in photography and graphic design.

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