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Funcho, A Comedy YouTube Channel Aims To Create Super Hilarious Content To Make Their Audience Laugh Out Loud



Someone has once said, “Comedy keeps the heart sweet.” This is truly what Funcho founders Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah believe in. Today, they run one of India’s most loved comedy channels on YouTube. From 2017 till now, their YouTube channel has gained lots of subscribers and their content has won many fans.

If you are working why is their channel named as Funcho, well there’s an interesting reason behind it. The word means laughter. These two founders who are engineers by profession love making people laugh. They feel happy when they see someone’s expression changing from a normal one to a big laughter. Their fans keep telling them how much they love their content. The appreciative response keeps Dhruv and Shyam motivated every day.

Funcho channel on YouTube has more than 1.77 million subscribers. The content they cover there varies from sketches to skits, jokes on trending topics or day-to-day, relatable stuff. Along with creating good videos, they keep their fans entertained on social media with memes and jokes on Instagram. Their Instagram page has more than 370k followers.

Funcho’s popularity has immensely grown over the years not only among the Youth but even grown-ups. Hence, Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah were invited at several instances to cheer the audience at several events and college festivals. The duo even collaborated with many celebrities for exciting videos. Funcho not only creates funny content but also music videos. Their video Gardi became an absolute fan favourite and was trending at top on YouTube for days.

About the success they have witnessed over the years, the Funcho founders said, “Making people laugh is not easy. But once you crack the code of what kind of content people expect, seeing him erupt in laughter is a beautiful site. We feel good that we are bringing joy and comedy in people’s life with our videos and content. Considering how 2020 was and the fact that we are still amid a pandemic, people expect light content. We are hoping to make our fans laugh their hearts out this year.”
The Funcho founders never want to stop making people laugh. Shyam and Dhruv always take out time to interact with their fans and understand what kind of content they expect from Funcho. The duo’s popularity is such that they’ve performed at many events, college festivals and had collaborations with many celebs. Along with their humourous content, they also make music videos. One such video is called ‘Gardi’ which had instantly become people’s favourite.

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