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Genius entrepreneur Kevin Ko takes the world of Cryptocurrency by storm:



Kevin Ko has always had the spirit of entrepreneurship within himself and is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. His journey in the world of business started as early as 2014 when he opened a cold-pressed juice shop by the name of Instapressed. As we can see from the name and nature of this venture, Kevin has always been a creative man, looking for new opportunities to translate that creativity into a viable career that will support his livelihood. Apart from Instapressed, which Kevin ultimately sold, he has also founded another café of sorts by the name of Aloha Coffee.

Kevin Ko’s curious nature took him to discover the world of cryptocurrency in 2017. Cryptocurrency acts just like normal money, but is completely digital, in both transaction and form. It is a fast-evolving market and many claims it to be our future for all things money. Obviously, Kevin hopped on to the trend and decided to try his luck at it. What separates him from others who want to get involved and Kevin Ko is their motives. The latter, unlike others, isn’t a part of the crypto space to make some quick money. Just like his other ventures, once Kevin commits to something, it is hard to make him leave it until and unless he is satisfied with what he has achieved. This is why Kevin Ko kept on going even after constant failures in his initial days in the industry.

Being in the crypto space and calling yourself an expert in it is taking quite a risk because the market is extremely volatile. What has given you great success today may not do the same tomorrow- which means, there aren’t just a couple tricks you can memorise to be successful in the cryptocurrency world. Fortunately, Kevin Ko has done extensive research and has spent a fair share of his time learning all about it. This is why his approach to an issue is not to look for the answer in a book but to understand where the problem lies and make up a unique solution from his past experiences.  This can only be done when you truly have an interest and understanding of the subject and Kevin Ko has proved his expertise in this, time and again.

Now, after so many years in the field and has established himself as an authority in it, Kevin Ko has decided to share his learnings and experiences with those who also want to follow in his footsteps. This is why, after so many years of flying under the radar, Kevin has decided to take the step into being a public personality with the launch of his platform Crypto Kingz. Crypto Kingz is a passionate venture which aims to help all who want to need advice with their finances in the cryptocurrency market or want to be a broker for other crypto investors. Kevin Ko considers cryptocurrency to be the future and wishes to capitalise on it.

To know more about Crypto Kingz, check out their website:

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