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After a year in which many of our major holidays have been disrupted thanks to the continuing prevalence of Covid-19, Valentine’s Day provides a spot of welcome relief. Unlike Christmas or New Year, or even Mother’s Day, which traditionally involve larger family groups gathering together, February 14 represents an altogether more intimate affair. 

Most couples will be able to enjoy some romantic time together, even if for many it will mean celebrating at home rather than in a fancy restaurant. Even long-distance couples and remote admirers can still send cards, flowers, and gifts. 

Hardened cynics are in a clear minority with it comes to celebrating the day of love. According to one study, more American’s get excited about Valentine’s Day than for Christmas. Average spending for February 14 tops $13.2 billion globally, and cards are by far the most popular gift – we send 180 million Valentine’s cards each year. 

However, it’s fair to say that writing Valentine’s message to your loved one in a card is a different prospect than sending a birthday or Christmas card. Authentically articulating the language of love can leave even the most eloquently spoken individuals with serious writer’s block. 

But this year, the helpful folks over at have got your back. is an artificial intelligence tool that’s usually hard at work writing compelling copy for digital ads, social media posts, websites, and more. It’s used by anyone wanting inspiration to help write compelling copy as part of building a brand. 

Now, has redeployed its software to help you compose the ultimate Valentine’s day message that will melt the heart of your significant other. If you don’t have a significant other and just plan to use Valentine’s Day for a bit of self-care, you can even use it to generate a card for yourself. The best part? It’s completely free under the terms of a 7-day free trial of the service. 

How to Get Your Customized Valentine’s Day Message

All you need to do is head over to to get started. You can see some samples of the kinds of romantic messages that the AI tool can generate. You simply enter your email address, and then you can have the tool start composing your message. Tell it who you’re writing to, and give it some basic information regarding the attributes you love about your partner. It might be their kind heart, their soulful eyes, or their generosity of spirit – whatever comes to your mind. 

After a few seconds, you’ll have an entire series of messages to choose from. You can either select a message to use verbatim, or you can copy it into an external text editor to use as the basis for crafting a love note of your own. Not happy with the selection generated? You can always go back and edit the attributes you entered at the beginning to get a new selection of messages. 

So if the events of the last year have left you feeling romantically uninspired, or if the thought of crafting a meaningful love note leaves you filled with horror at the awkwardness, then let do the heavy lifting for you. After the challenges of the past year, take the opportunity to put a smile on a loved one’s face with the simple gesture of a thoughtful message this Valentine’s Day. 

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