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GiftyOware-Aboagye is a Daring Female Entrepreneur Disrupting and Shaking Industry Tables in Ghana



It is blogged and said African women especially in Ghana are the fastest-growing group of business owners and corporate heads and these ladies are leading the way working very hard day and night to improve their brands and companies they work with. Though some struggle to land leadership roles in various industries, GiftyOware-Aboagye with her hardworking and daring prowess is different as she continues to thrive, grow and improve each day to make her way in these industries.

GiftyOware-Aboagye is the founder of Berry Incorporated (Berry Inc.)with Berry Events & Multimedia that has worked for a lot of media giants in Ghana, Berry Ladies FC that is part of the Women’s Premier League Ghana , Oware Fruit Juice Company , a family business that has a production capacity of 12,000 bottles a day employing 100’s of people and other companies acquired by Berry Incorporated as its activities and subsidiaries wide spreading its wings. GiftyOware-Aboagye is an African woman with much passion for Sports, a consummate agriculturist, consultant extraordinaire, an accomplished transformer , a turn around artist and a towering influencer for many young girls on social media.

GiftyOware-Aboagye’s career began in 2011 to 2014 as an Events and Marketing Manager for a top Media Firm. She later joined the Danquah Institute , a political think-tank named after one of Ghana’s founding fathers, Dr. Joseph Boakye Danquah in 2014 with strong focus on making courageous , imaginative and constructive contribution to nation-building and development , to enhance the life of citizens. Whether she is found in the public or private sector, it takes little or no time for avid observers to feel the impact of her needs-based solutions templates that have continued to deliver inclusive outcomes and endear her to many. No sooner she joined the National Service Scheme in 2017 as Deputy Executive Director with responsibility for finance, helping to manage annual personnel of about 100,000.

Her coming into the system ushered in an era of digitalization in response to change that was needed in doing everything if progress must be made. Gifty’svoracious appetite for improving her society and managerial prowess is visible in how she is able to manage her role as a Deputy Executive Director and her numerous businesses: On this she says: “It is about apportioning time for each and understanding the perspective and the time you are doing what you need to do. You also need to work out how best you can put the two together and able to make a way. Everything you do is about 24 hours. You cannot have more than that. So you have to apportion your time well. I try to make the time count. I have less time leisure time. I do not have much time to just play. I pay more attention to the things that are beneficial to the job that I do.”

Armed with these, the progressive entrepreneur and political leader is honed to handle challenges in various spheres of human endeavor. GiftyOware- Aboagye is one of the best Black Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana Disrupting and shaking industry tables.

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