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Gordon Kallio’s Experience: Real Estate and Passion as One



The man forged from the heart of Ottawa Valley, Gordon Kallio, classifies himself as a Real Estate Nerd that is purely passionate about helping his clients find the perfect place to settle in. He is not only a Realtor but also holds a Mortgage Brokering license and works as a Real Estate Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area. His goal is to combine all real estate transaction areas so that his clients have a smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective experience.

Gordon was raised in a hardworking country family. As he grew up, he had found himself attached to different interests and was innately passionate about sports and architecture. He then went to St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, to complete his Civil Engineering Technologist studies. During his learning experience, he had developed a profound interest in residential and commercial building codes, construction techniques and practices, and environmental matters. This piqued his attention, and he began working hard to obtain his real estate license to better serve his clients. And by then, he became a successful Real Estate Lawyer.

Throughout his years in the field, Gordon had already encountered different types of clients. This fact proves his versatility and proficiency in assisting his clients in real estate matters. Gordon is thorough, professional, and will handle a client’s transaction from start to finish, and he has the contacts and referrals to get the job done when needed! Whether the client is a residential homeowner selling under the 2% + HST commission model or an experienced Commercial Investor purchasing a new location for their business. Aside from that, Gordon has also reviewed and negotiated numerous pre-construction contracts. He is always ready to answer his clients’ questions regarding real estate and will not hesitate to take down arising problems even before they take effect. Due to his expertise, Gordon has successfully completed hundreds of real estate transactions.

When asked about the current state of the real estate market and the right time to acquire a realtor’s service, Gordon elaborated that acquiring his services at any time is the right move. Although the pandemic is still afoot, Gordon says that the market is still active and has an unceasing rise from its current state. 

As an expert, Gordon has a couple of pieces of advice for people looking to buy homes. He highly recommends that hiring a professional realtor like him is an important step. Having a realtor that does not disregard hidden issues and gets ahead of them before any imminent threat breaks out of control will ensure the proper living experience for anyone. Gordon Kallio does not fall short when it comes to the qualities that a realtor should possess. He values his work and puts the safety of his clients and their future homes into a safe path away from life-altering threats.

To learn more about Gordon Kallio’s expert real estate guidance, send him an email at or call him at (416) 4336695.

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