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Greg ‘MoneyMan’ Jones throws celebrity parties for the upcoming stars



This is the age of digital and social media. Greg Moneyman Jones is a name of fame in the industry since he is a popular promoter who organizes events to promote new talent in the industry. In Asheville NC, he has been residing with his paternity. He loves to listen to 90’s music because this scene is massive for him. In his teen age, sports and streets were his hobbies. This was the time when he thought about bringing a change in his life. 

Started Journey In 2010

With a bang, he came into the industry and his work started. Moneyman Jones began to arrange events in 2010 with the artists such as The Migos, Rich Homie, Gucci Mane and others.  Everyone likes his events and these were famous in North Carolina’s streets and colleges. All his tracks were famous and the majority of the celebrities and people played these tracks in the parties and celebrations. He wanted to invite legends in his organized events. The majority of the celebrities love to come to his parties and enjoy his music.

You can view all his videos of his events on social media and other platforms. There is no substitute for live events or musical shows for new artists. From huge events to small shows and music concerts, there are different reasons to get out there for face-to-face networking opportunities. It is good to focus on the effort of implementing some solid tactics to ensure a winning exhibition. There are some effective and simple tips to make an event successful and Moneyman uses these tips. 

Became Well Experienced Of Things

He knows his audience and considers the event’s requirements. In the beginning, he took his time in identifying prospects for his services and products at each event. He chooses the most appropriate solutions to present in your exhibition to your target audience.

By choosing an offbeat show, he uses the effective technique. It is good to access your target industry with an unrelated show that can be the best exposure opportunity. It must be interesting and attractive to the audience. Organizations that run the show can over-hype the event. You must join the organization that has attended several trade shows. Now, you can use this information to guide your workers to manage it.

Artists from the industry come and join these events, and it creates a new color of different traditions and cultures. All these events organized by Moneyman are the right source to gather people and it promotes new comers in the industry around the globe. 

Best Thing About Greg’s Events

People come and join the events and they follow the tradition of the music world. The good thing about these events is that it absorbs different cultures and traditions in it. If the event is held in a yard, then people around the globe come and add more colors to it. 

You can access him on social media, Instagram and others. With huge following banks and fans, he is available for his viewers. 

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