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Hard Work Pays! The Victorious Path Of Ronnie Ooi From A Nobody To One Of the Top-tier Digital Marketing Experts In Singapore



When the rubber meets the road, that’s where the going gets rough. And when it gets rougher, only the tougher ones will survive. No dream is far-fetched, but it takes effort, time, and patience to get to your destiny.

Whether you’re looking to accomplish big dreams or want to start small and grow big, the power of self-discipline, determination and a strong focus on your life goals can pay off almost immediately.  And that’s the case for Ronnie Ooi, who started from nowhere and have now become a prominent digital marketing figure that companies can depend on.

When feeling lost in Malaysia back in 2017, Ronnie Ooi decided to move to Singapore. He didn’t know anyone in Singapore: no friends, no relatives. But with determination and a strong sense of self-confidence, he believed his life would change for the best. And it did.

“I came to Singapore with nothing, and I knew no one. But I know that all I wanted was to be better at where I was,” said Ronnie.  After finding his way to Singapore, he finally landed a place in a well-established digital marketing company.

While in Singapore, he watched the big future he had ever coveted unfold. He started working his way as a lower-tiered employee and emerged as one of the industry’s top figures through hard work.

“Eventually, I ended up in a digital marketing company. Yes, a big pond. But I grew hungrier. I ate, and I ate. And I grew,” Ronnie Ooi described how the hunger for success took a toll on him. He kept seeking knowledge each day while yearning to improve each time.

With a spirited effort for a better tomorrow and the thirst to grow in the digital marketing industry, success became almost possible.

He worked his way from a novice to a starter and finally into a digital marketing geek with all the technical experience necessary for success in the industry. “Finally, I have become that big fish in that same pond, except now it became smaller,” said Ronnie, expressing his rapid transformation in the industry to his current status.

How Did He make it? The Force behind Ronnie’s Success

He had to get ready and lift the heavyweights and make his way through from nothing to gaining extensive knowledge and practice.

“I read books, took up extra courses and online programs to keep myself on top of the game so that I can serve my clients better,” said Ronnie Ooi. Being an astute and all-rounded person, getting down to personal development wasn’t a problem. He knew what makes a person grow in his or her career and become an iconic figure is the amount of knowledge and skills he or she equips with.

“It’s not about how good you can become. It’s about how much you’re willing to eat. If you don’t eat, you will forever be that small fish, and the pond will only get bigger and bigger. It’s not too late to be hungry,” he added.

Ronnie is a digital marketing consultant and is committed to helping local businesses grow using his proven marketing frameworks and strategies. Since hard work pays, he became one of the top closers in a digital marketing agency he’s currently working with.

To learn more about Ronnie Ooi, visit his Instagram page @ronnieismarketing to find out.

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