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Harpreet Singh: Founder Of The Brilliant NGO “India Together Foundation”



Harpreet Singh is a young individual from the city of Delhi who has made a significant contribution in the field of social work in the city. He completed his higher education from the Westminster University of London and after returning to India, he decided to serve the society and uplift people. Harpreet Singh is the founder of the India Together Foundation which is a non Government organization dedicated towards public health and relief work.

The India Together Foundation is working tirelessly in the direction of providing Covid-19 patients and affected families with medical help and other assistance. The team led by Harpreet Singh is making oxygen cylinders and concentrators available to the families of people battling the Coronavirus disease. The India Together Foundation is also engaged in distributing free masks, sanitizers and gloves to disadvantaged people in order to ensure that everyone gets access to basic safety and hygiene. Harpreet Singh’s organization has also initiated a few informative programmes and campaigns in order to make fact based information reach the general public. The India Together Foundation is also looking after the mental well being of people during this crisis and is ensuring that people get connected to mental health professionals and receive the help and guidance that they need.

Apart from that, the India Together Foundation is actively looking after the food security of various hand-to-mouth workers and migrant labourers left to fend for themselves after the wage crisis during the pandemic. Harpreet Singh and his organization is regularly supplying food grains, milk, spices, oil, vegetables and water to such households.

Commenting on his work, Harpreet Singh said, “I’ve always believed in the idea of giving. That is what makes me such a happy social worker. I’m extremely grateful to have a team that is in complete harmony with my thought processes and methods. This pandemic has been extremely tough for all of us but we’ve managed to recognize our privilege and go out of our way to help others who are suffering. We began the food and hygiene kit distribution almost immediately after the pandemic hit. The team of India Together Foundation recognizes the need for social help and volunteering at a time of public health crisis and we will continue to be there for people as long as they need us.”

Recently, for his phenomenal social help work and positive approach towards the society, Harpreet Singh received a prestigious Certificate of Appreciation from the World Sikh Chamber of Commerce.

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