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Harsh Joshi Pens Down His Mantras Of Entrepreneurship In The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur



A self-made man and the director of Ernstaa Technologies, Harsh Joshi acquired the knowledge of entrepreneurship at a very early age. Ernstaa Technologies is among the few brands in India to gain respect in the digital world and services such as web development, app development, Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing, and much more. Harsh Joshi puts up in Mumbai where he also works as a digital marketer and personal brand consultant. He has completely transformed the Indian as well as the international business landscape by introducing new business models that fit the industry’s current trends. This helps in solving the existing problems and brings solutions to the void in the market. At the age of 25, Joshi deciphered the code about how he has to achieve the improvements he wishes to see.

In his book ‘The Mindset of a Growing Entrepreneur’, he shares his knowledge of the industry which he gained through experience as well as tells the young generation about his insights and lessons learned. Entrepreneurship is not just a skill that allows you to make money but it also enables others to learn from them. Success didn’t come to Harsh Joshi so easily. Despite being young, he is also the director of Ernstaa Technologies and this could have been possible only because he learned from his failures and determined to neither repeat them nor set back because of them. To succeed one must have a positive outlook in life too. ‘The Mindset of a Growing Entrepreneur’ is very helpful for people who have action-oriented solutions that can be utilized and it also tells how to keep moving forward in the workspace, confidently. The book also shares some insights on how one can transcend its competitors and how to successfully manage your budget. Because of his experience in international business, Harsh Joshi is well aware of the complications of doing business abroad, and to facilitate his readers, he has highlighted how one can start a new business and understand the specific needs of a customer.

This book is a must-read for everyone who is aspiring to launch their own business as the author has covered the minutest details about the economy, competition, and more components of the business. The book will definitely help its readers to gain an understanding of the psyche that is needed to be an entrepreneur. He has shared those lessons in the book which he wishes were told to him when he started his journey in this industry. Learning from the mistakes and life lessons of somebody as successful as Harsh Joshi is very beneficial as it will guide you through the intricacies of the business well before you step into it. He is presently among the most renowned digital entrepreneurs of India. He believes that the ability to be successful in life is determined by how much strength and courage your dreams bear with your open eyes. This is exactly what Harsh Joshi wishes the upcoming entrepreneurs to learn from his book and bid by these mantras in their lives to reach the zenith without letting anything be a hurdle in their way.

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