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Hayden Jones is a social media specialist. Due to his youthful curiosity , at the age of 14 he quickly became fascinated with social media and its seemingly endless possibilities.  This formed the foundation of what allowed him to create a plethora of massive Instagram pages and his very own agency that handles high-end clients on a regular basis.  Whilst many of you would find these achievements to be incredible, perhaps what is the most incredible of all is that Hayden Jones is still in high school.

Hayden’s journey to get to where he is today

As you know , Hayden is a high schooler that has amassed several business platforms and an array of revenue streams . But how did he go from a normal high schooler to a social media trailblazer?

It all began in 2018 when memes were at an all time high and everyone was using them . Hayden , the inquisitive mind that he is, decided to create a meme page on Instagram and by regularly posting he grew the pages follower by follower. Hayden then realized that consistent posting is what made Instagram push your content. Hayden used his extensive knowledge of the algorithm to gain a strong following of 1.3 million. Hayden did not stop there however, he understood that Instagram pages could be monetized and he managed to utilize his page to create several sources of income.

Creating waves in an industry such as social media requires you to sacrifice . This couldn’t be more true for the young Hayden Jones. Whilst his peers went off and wasted countless hours on video games and binge watching, Hayden used his time wisely.  With dreams of financial independence and limitless ambition , Hayden worked tirelessly to attain this. Years of trial error and an iron will gave him the tools he needed to reach his goals . Now he bears the fruit of his labour and has surpassed even the highest of others expectations.

What is Hayden doing now?

Alongside 2 of his closest friends , Hayden has founded Vibrant Socials, a social media and growth page that provides a multitude of services such as celebrity giveaway slots and growth marketing. Providing genuine US-based growth , Hayden and the team have grown numerous start ups and influencer accounts rapidly and tremendously. Since the start of the pandemic , Hayden has accumulated his first $100K and has also gone beyond the milestone of 1 million followers. In the future, Hayden is determined to educate others on how to grow organically on social media and create his own Affiliate Marketing courses.

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