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Here’s How Jerusha Baluch Turned a Fashion Boutique Into a Globally Recognized Brand



In the age of social media, there is no doubt that brand reigns supreme, especially when it comes to business. So we reached out to Australian fashion designer Jerusha Baluch formerly known as Jerusha Couture™. After owning her boutique for 4 years she gained popularity in 2010 as one of the original members of YouTube’s most fabulous community, we thought of her for this article based on how she successfully built a brand from scratch over the past 11 years and transitioned into a household name within her industry. Since then she has managed to create a part-time career out of one of her hobbies within the luxury community and leverage her expertise, partnerships, and industry knowledge to go from a boutique to a globally recognized brand, here’s how. 

Starting with a Fashion Boutique 

Jerusha has long been a fan of Fashion, it’s been a passion of hers ever since she can remember. According to Jerusha “I will never forget my head design teacher telling me that you will never be an expert at anything until you get out in the field and experience it.” So she took that advice to heart and dove wholeheartedly into her passion. 

Her boutique was one of the first real steps she took into the world of fashion and luxury, so it’s no surprise how much love she had for this place, often referring to it as “simply like a palace”. The boutique was more than just a storefront but rather a place of gathering, where women from all areas of Sydney could come and just indulge in fashion. It was truly a place of escape for most of the women that came to see Jerusha and play amongst fashion. So this feeling of belonging for both the customers and her made it incredibly easy to intertwine her boutique and the world of fashion through social media. To this day she strives to give that same experience to her viewers as she did for the customers in her boutique.

From Boutique to Brand 

One of the first things Jerusha noticed as she started to build her brand was that the organic growth of her social media presence came naturally and seemed to fall in correlation with the popularity of her boutique. This made the process of going from boutique to brand rather easy for her. 

Some of Jerusha’s first original ideas were to market in the boutique through social media as it had just become such an innovative way to market your businesses on Facebook and such.

From there, her following gained trust in the brand that is Jerusha Couture, as she began to be very transparent with the everyday process of building and running a fashion boutique. One of the biggest things she learned through this process is staying true to herself and creating a world of escapism, a lesson she attributes to the success of her brand. 

Defining The Brand 

If we had to sum up a definition of the brand Jerusha Couture that has been architectured over the past 10 years, only one word comes to mind, AUTHENTIC. From the very beginning of her running her boutique and then moving things online, growing a massive reach through her social media, Jerusha has remained the same person she started as, with her followers and viewers attesting to that.

One of the biggest reasons Jerusha has been able to thrive within her industry for so long stems from her ability to be herself, and in a world of everyone trying to be like others, the best thing you can do is stay true to yourself. This remains true for any niche of content creators, the moment you start to build momentum and a small following, those who take the time out of their day to watch you will notice when you’re being ungenuine or untrue to yourself. So when Jerusha started her brand, she did it from a place of passion, a place of fun and lightheartedness that she pulled from years of owning a boutique, and that has made all the difference towards building her globally recognized brand.  

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