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Here’s How Sugar & Kush Became the #1 Women’s CBD Company



The growing acceptance of hemp and the various products derived from the super-plant have started to make waves in most health/wellness industries. One of the biggest contributors to this increase in demand has been from CBD (cannabidiol), which happens to be the product that has spurred the next generation of entrepreneurs, including the founders of Sugar & Kush. Sugar & Kush is a woman-founded brand built by two best friends with a passion for CBD. The goal was to offer the benefits of specific cannabinoids (without THC) in an attractive product line using natural and high-quality ingredients. So here’s how Laura Brenner and Danielle Papajan co-founded the #1 CBD brand for women: Sugar & Kush CBD . 

The Company Vision – Sugar & Kush’s Growth 

Every idea starts with a problem, and theirs was apparent. The CBD market was filled with brands that were unfriendly and had a medicinal appearance. Together, Laura & Danielle believed in the benefits of CBD and the fact that CBD should not be an intimidating purchase. So the two envisioned a female-friendly brand and aimed at bringing awareness to a male-dominated market. Better yet, they wanted to build a brand that was fun and relatable! Laura’s cannabinoid expertise coupled with Danielle’s business experience is the very foundation that built Sugar & Kush; their friendship and passion drive the brand today and shine through as they continue their growth as the #1 Women’s CBD brand in the nation.

Both founders knew there was a large gap in the market for a line of women-centered CBD products. One of the big drivers behind their success was the company’s ability to remove the stigmas that existed in this industry. Sugar & Kush came to life after realizing the market was filled with brands that were unfriendly, medicinal looking, and focused on the male consumer.  

That’s when the two founders knew there was room to innovate within the industry. Driven by a belief that buying CBD should not be intimidating or a scary purchase, it was their turn to remove the stigma of the typical cannabis user and focus on creating products that offer CBD benefits to women across the world.   

Why Everyone LOVES Sugar & Kush 

Sugar & Kush creates products designed to be fun; they made attaining the benefits of CBD into an experience for their customers. As a company, they firmly believe a key to their success is an unparalleled focus on perfecting their mix of great flavors and healthy options. Even going as far as ensuring their product line is low sugar, keto-friendly, and gluten-free to not exclude various diets. On top of their notable delicious taste, they focused on a product that was equally as healthy. Sugar counteracts the benefits of CBD because it causes inflammation, so Laura and Danielle wanted to create a product line that was fun yet productive. The company’s constant stride towards making the best quality products for their customers, along with a plethora of great reviews, is the reason everyone is loving Sugar & Kush. 

The Future for Sugar & Kush 

Sugar & Kush is growing faster than they ever expected, and this demand has led to more innovation to come from this company. Starting with additional candy SKUs and an exciting new product line! The team at Sugar & Kush has grown a passion for skincare, so they have shifted their focus towards the amazing benefits of CBD + other cannabinoids within skincare. While currently in the research and development stage for a slew of skincare products, Sugar & Kush cannot wait to continue to be your go-to for all things CBD. 

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