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Here’s why Angelica Lopez’s latest song ‘New Gold’ is getting hits



Angelica Lopez is a gorgeous and talented Latin American singer, songwriter, born to amaze the world with her beautiful charms and sensational voice. From a very early age, she began practicing her passion for singing. At the age of 17, she learned multiple styles of singing including salsa, tropical, ranchera, boleros, and folkloric. Based on her special singing skills, she was offered many big projects. Till now, she has performed in many concerts and done projects of contemporary music, pop, rock, and other urban genres but this time she came up with a distinctive idea.        

Songs are the most common way to express feelings or convey messages. It also has the power to change the thinking or create thinking in the audience. Realizing these factors Angelica Lopez took full advantage and shared her opinions regarding saving the Earth. In her new song ‘New Gold’ she tried to educate people about how our planet is being destroyed by us and needs saving. Some people call it a protest song regarding saving Earth. In the song, she is requesting everyone to take care of it and cure its gashes so it will be worth it for our coming generations.

“As a Singer-Songwriter, the message of this particular track is very important & close to my heart. As the dreamer that I am, passing on this sentiment to others with the idea of bringing more awareness and closeness, is more than I could ask for. ‘NEW GOLD’ is a quest! A beautiful, heartfelt, sincere, and honest exhortation, that seeks to inspire kindness and benevolence from one to another, but mostly directed to our leaders, starting with the way they treat our mother nature.”

Although the song is available on many music platforms, the video of the song is yet to come. According to Angelica, the official video will be released at the end of June.

Composition of the song  

As Angelica is from Columbia, she wanted to convey her inner message with the help of her elegant homeland music. A stylish blend of Columbian beautiful music instruments such as accordion, vallenato, gaita, and Maracas is what she offers in the music. Moreover, the African drums made the song more rocky and funky. Good news for the rock fans; another song to include in the playlist. Moreover, the Soprano voice works wonders with the amazing fusion of all music boxes.         

Motivation for such a song

When asked about the inspiring story behind the song, Angelica said: I’m a warrior of nature, I truly believe in the power of Pachamama to heal herself, but we humans play a huge role in this. We must take responsibility, respect her and acknowledge her as the living being she is.

Upcoming Songs and Albums of Angelica Lopez

Angelica says that she and her team are working on one of the biggest projects, C’est La Vie, an EP composed of six songs that will be released at the end of the year. Moreover, she will be launching a new album in 2022 based on traditional and contemporary vibes.   

With the successful speed, she is going, it seems like soon she will be the second Lopez to hit the music industry.  

If you want to know more about Angelica Lopez, you can follow her on social media. Links are given below.



To listen to her songs, you can visit her Spotify account. 

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