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How AI Makes Video Content Creation Easy for Anyone



The pace at which AI (Artificial intelligence) powered content marketing platforms is growing makes significant changes in the digital marketing game. The combination of text and videos, along with the revolution of AI, makes it easier for content creators and marketers to get more out of their digital marketing effort and better return on investment. 

With all of this in mind, it’s not only important to make sure you are paying attention to the latest trends and working methods to implement AI into your content creation and marketing efforts, but also to explore the many different options available today.

This is exactly what we will be covering in great detail today. Get ready to explore the new and exciting world of AI and video content creation.

How difficult is it to make video content? 

Making video content manually is a tedious and time-consuming process. It also requires plenty of inputs from the marketing team, video agencies, and thought leaders. The ever-evolving digital marketing is shifting continuously from a mere buyer mindset strategy to predicting the audience’s intelligence. This makes the demand more towards personalized content which is challenging for the creators and marketers.

And with time being of the essence on crowded social media platforms, it has become inevitable to make the move to video maker platforms for faster AI-powered content creation than going manually. 

The importance of AI becomes imperative for content creation that is not only efficient but also viable monetarily. 

How AI helps in creating video content?

Data feedback when creating content

Before making video content, it is important to understand the performance of similar content in the same niche on social media platforms in the past. Getting insights from the past performance will help a creator to plan and shape their content upfront. Web-based video makers use AI tools to get meaningful data feedback, which helps make the video content more compelling. There is a new field in AI known as “content intelligence.” It is a system software that combines marketing and data analytics to transform business and content data into actionable strategies and tactics applied during content creation. Here the content is structured and optimized as per the audience or the prospective customer’s preferences and thought process.   

Inspiration from AI for Topic selection 

Content creators can get an idea on what topic to create videos for their target audience with the help of Artificial intelligence. With its predictive analytics system, AI can predict an audience response to distinct topics based on the data available. This tool allows content creators to get an understanding of which content will drive better performance. In addition, tools like AI-powered HubSpot identify clusters of topics and put them on a single dashboard that helps drive organic traffic to one’s video channel. 

AI helps to improve content accuracy 

Creating video for professional use is not a one-time affair. Continuous content production means planning, executing, and uploading the contents and testing them for proofreading and accuracy. Doing all of this is strenuous and time-consuming, plus the accuracy may be compromised. AI-based software seamlessly does this job. 

The growing use of videos post during the pandemic

The new social distancing norms and the WFH (work from home) concept has changed the way organizations are marketing their products and services and conducting corporate meetings and training. Even small tech companies have switched over to video conferencing and remote servicing using cloud-based platforms like These digital companies offer full-fledged services that make explainer videos typically used by corporates and educational institutes to communicate digitally to their target audience.  

Even though tech giants like Microsoft earlier offered apps for video creations, it was not much of a success compared to the new breed of video makers who make the entire process simple and exciting.  The difference lies in the use of artificial intelligence. 

How does the explainer video use Artificial intelligence?

One has to write an explainer video script using the predefined template available in the explainer video maker platform, or, just upload an existing PowerPoint. Once this is done, the real magic begins. The amazing artificial intelligence software recognizes the keywords, ranks them in importance, and captures human speech. The explainer engine tool is programmed to identify keywords and their relation to the content’s context.

When matched with the existing information in the database, the relevance of the keywords throws up many similar image options from the visual data. Thus, the content creator can easily select from the wide variety of visual representations he is offered. 

Integration of existing knowledge in the template

The matching process happens as existing information and knowledge are activated when the process of programming is done. The semantic recognition allows the software to make connections with words and images immediately. 

Automated layout

The explainer software uses logical artificial intelligence and connects words or texts with images with the closest meaning. It offers relevant and multiple keyword choices that content creators can choose from. The software also recognizes the texts listed and displays them in a group visually, making it easier for the creator to choose from. 

Conversion of text to speech

Video makers like use software that converts text to speech.  This software has a speech database already recorded earlier, consisting of different speech units categorized into phrases, phones, morphemes, and linguistics.  This database is similar to an image or visual database. Here the process is also the same. The written text is matched with the speech database, aligned, and voice output happens. 

In Conclusion 

It is without any doubt that in the 21st century, artificial intelligence will be the technology in every aspect of life.  Even today, it is present in many applications or exists in our day-to-day life, which many of us are unaware of.  From converting text to speech or converting a given text into speech in one’s own voice, it has made the creation of videos extremely simple.  AI has made it possible for anyone who wants the freedom and flexibility for communication to make exciting videos. 

AI-based software providing ready-made templates for creating high-quality videos and writing scripts as well. Yes, it is incredible as AI has made it possible for the creative field to generate scripts based on different data sets available.

Today, artificial intelligence has not only diversified into different applications and devices, but it is also making great strides in creative fields using logical thinking in machine language programming. The creative field we have discussed in this article is about DIY video creation only. 

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