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How Alex Kleyner is Helping Households Who Are Counting On For Essential Supplies



When Alex Kleyner founded, he never in his wildest dreams imagined the business could become so critical to people’s livelihoods. Until the pandemic hit our shores. As more people found it convenient and safe to stay indoors, it is companies like that came in handy to deliver crucial supplies. 

As a result, has seen an influx of orders from customers who are within the company’s delivery area. What has made the store of choice in the delivery of grocery and retail items? 

The Amiable Staff at

Company staff is the most valuable asset to an organization. This maxim holds true to Alex Kleyner and his team of highly committed staff including new hire Diana Smith who moved from Ulis Florida has been overseeing a Latin America and Asia growth phase. The employees at have been nothing short of exemplary in ensuring every customer touchpoint is taken care of. From the moment you place your order to packaging and delivery, the staff has demonstrated their concern for the customer who is not able to go to the store for essential supplies. Alex credits his staff for taking the company to greater heights, especially during the pandemic. He believes that the company culture of service and customer focus is a key differentiator, which he believes will serve the company going into the future.

Fast Turnaround

Few things in e-commerce are awesome than receiving your order in good time. At, the service standard is to deliver a customers’ order within 30 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? The company has been doing this for years and you can trust them to bring your grocery just in time for lunch. Just make sure you are within the delivery area and give clear directions to the delivery guy. Alex Kleyner believes that customers are likely to give you a second chance if you truly demonstrate the determination to meet their expectations. 

For customers, there is hardly a need for a second opportunity as the company does it right the first time. Imagine getting home from a killer shift only to find out that you don’t have anything readily edible in the fridge? We have all been there sometimes and the sinking feeling is depressing, to say the least. has your nocturnal culinary desires covered. Just place a call at the customer representative desk and sink in the couch or take a shower if you have some energy left. Just remember to keep your phone on and the doorbell on standby because is open until midnight Monday to Thursday and until 2 am Friday and weekends.

Fresh Food

Nothing beats receiving fresh grocery to feed your family or cook for your guests. have distinguished themselves as the fresh food local market store of choice. The company suppliers have internalized the need to keep it fresh, and no shortcuts are condoned in the entire value chain. This ensures that you get exactly what you ordered; fresh, clean, and hygienic supplies.

Flexible Payment Methods provides customers with multiple paying methods that are easy to use and safe. You don’t have cash? Worry not as you can pay for your order via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The choice is entirely yours. Paying for your orders is as easy as swiping and that’s what Alex Kleyner intended when he started out as a young kid in debt and now a national player in the retail industry.

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