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How Alexander David Manns is Disrupting Fashion with Fashion Fantasy



We sat down with Alexander David Manns who has built a multi-million-dollar business developing several e-Commerce platforms including his new venture Fashion Fantasy. 

Tell us about Fashion Fantasy?

Fashion Fantasy started when I was back in college studying pre-med. I noticed some of the girls in my year skipping class for shopping, it was like they were fantasizing about going shopping even in class. So I came up with Fashion Fantasy – I guess in their honor!

The goal behind Fashion Fantasy is simple. One brand that every color and type of person on this Earth will like. It is not catered to just one race or one color or one body size. Fashion Fantasy is for everyone and it’s meant to empower women. I feel as though we do not give women enough credit. I mean I have incredible woman in my family that have done incredible things as I.

How many partners are there in the company?

I would have to say the company consist of 5 partners. We all have put in a lot of work the past 3 years waiting and planning in order to make this company a dream come true for not just us partners but for customers all around the world!

Tell us about the online store. What kind of clothing will customers find?

We sell women’s comfortable and fashionable clothing, but I wanted Fashion Fantasy to be much more than just clothes, so we have added well respected make-up and face treatment brands too and all at an economical price.

What are your most popular pieces right now?

All of the pieces are popular because they are made with a special type of material that makes all pieces special and unique from other brands.

Do you cater to all sizes?

Yes. Fashion Fantasy that is very unique unlike other stores is that there is no “Plus or Curve Size” collection. All clothes made are made to fit every type of women body. I’ve always hated how companies make it as if it’s plus vs non plus. Women are all the same why not make everything available to every size. Why single out one certain type of size. It doesn’t make sense to me. I plan to be the first to try and change this trend. I cater to women of all sizes with all Fashion Fantasy clothes.

How are you gearing up for summer with the store?

Well, we plan to be giving away tons of free gift cards to many people across the world in order to try our clothes first! So far, the ones that have got free ones are loving the styles and material as we begin to stock up!

What are your projections in sales like?

With our experience in marketing, advertising, and e-commerce we are projecting that in the first month we shall clear $1Million very easily.

To find out more visit: Fashion Fantasy or follow Alexander David Manns: Instagram

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