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How Authentic, Heart-Led Brands are the Key to Succeed in the New Digital Era. Meet Wildflower Design Co.!



A new digital era is beginning. One where technology is not just a tool, and being connected is something you try to accomplish, it’s something that is already true. In this new era, it’s the youth who have grown up with the technology and evolved with it who shine. These brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs, CEO’s, creators and innovators aren’t held back by the established status quo. These are the people blazing the trail, making waves in every industry, and leaving established multinational businesses to catch up.

Especially in the design field is this most evident, where large, industry-leading brands are investing over 7 figures to try and capture a glimpse of the magic that young, talented brand designers can create design works for months in the hopes that they can connect with their audience the way that smaller, more authentic brands can.

Leading the charge for these fresh, agile brands to take over the digital space is Wildflower Design Co., a female-led, UK-based design studio that excels in crafting heart-led brand stories for wildly ambitious lifestyle businesses. Founded by Katie Proctor, Wildflower Design Co. specializes in strategy, branding, packaging, web design, print and social media; helping millennials bring their brands to life through the power of visual storytelling.

Katie founded Wildflower Design Co. over 3 years ago as a way to express her creativity outside of her university design degree. As her knowledge and passion for design grew, it reflected in her work, and Katie soon found herself running a successful international design studio. Wildflower took on a life of its own and Katie curated a team of skilled designers who shared her passion and a vision for designing heart-led brands.

Now, after years of learning the ins and outs of business, the importance of brand design and effective brand strategy, Katie manages the social media empire she’s built through Wildflower Design Co, and aspires every day to bring creativity and life to the lifestyle brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs she works with across the world. “We work to disrupt the industry with ambition, passion and heart-led design principles that help millennial brands to find their voice and confidently stand tall!

Wildflower Design Co. takes on a holistic approach to branding, conducting research to help better understand their clients brand personality, target audience, and how they fit into their industry environment. “Branding is so much more than just aesthetics, which is why we pride ourselves on being expert brand strategists.” mentioned Katie. “We produce purposeful designs, while also sharing our knowledge to encourage growth

Wildflower’s ability to express the “why” behind is a huge factor for their success. “We encourage our clients to create goals beyond their wildest dreams, and we then use those results as the focus point to create a design solution that gives them the stepping stones they need to grow and thrive.” explained Katie. “Every brand that Wildflower works with has a deeper purpose than to just ‘sell products’. Our mantra is that ‘no dream is too big’ and we’re as wildly ambitious as they get“.

If you’re a soulful, passionate brand waiting to tell your story, claim your place in the new era of digital marketing with heart-led branding strategies. Connect with Wildflower Design Co. through their website or their social media pages; Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to learn more about how this millennial-focused design brand is making waves in the industry.

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