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How Bestselling Author J.J. Hebert is Shaking Up Self-Publishing



Self-publishing is synonymous with Amazon. But, as bestselling author J.J. Hebert pointed out in a recent interview, Amazon no longer offers design, editorial or marketing support. If an author wants to self-publish on Amazon, she must upload finished files and handle the marketing on her own, right? Through his company, MindStir Media, J.J. Hebert has devised a better way. Instead of authors submitting directly to Amazon and having to produce their own designs and edits beforehand, Hebert’s company will do all the heavy lifting.

According to MindStir Media’s Inc Magazine profile, MindStir offers author mentoring, custom book design, editorial, printing, distribution, marketing and publicity. Additionally, MindStir provides ebook publishing services. All of MindStir’s books are listed on Amazon, along with thousands of other online retailers including, and

“You don’t have to go directly through Amazon to sell a book on Amazon,” Hebert explained. “My company provides full-fledged distribution and Amazon is one the retailers we work with through our distributor. It’s important to give consumers plenty of buying options and we do just that by making your book readily available through a network of over 30,000 retailers worldwide.”

J.J. Hebert knows publishing. He has helped thousands of authors with self-publishing through MindStir Media. As per his Forbes Business Council profile, he is the author of four no. 1 Amazon Best Sellers. Furthermore, he’s a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and he has been featured and quoted as a self-publishing and business expert in major publications such as Inc and Yahoo Finance. The Good Men Project even called him the “Self-Publishing Guru.” So what does this guru have to say about book marketing?

Hebert described two of his recently launched book marketing options that are clearly shaking up self-publishing. The options connect his authors’ books with celebrities. One package allows Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington to write the foreword for an author’s book and produce a video endorsement that can be used for promotional purposes. The other option follows the same structure but the celebrity is Mariel Hemingway, bestselling author and Oscar nominated actress. She is the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.

“Obtaining a celebrity endorsement for your book or product in general is a game-changer,” Hebert added. “Most authors don’t know how to go about getting an endorsement, never mind one from a celebrity like Kevin Harrington or Mariel Hemingway that can spur sales and boost credibility. We have turnkey solutions for that. You no longer need to deal with getting lost in obscurity. Your book will stand out with the celebrities attached to it.”

Hebert also guarantees that the books tied to his celebrity endorsement packages will hit bestseller lists on Amazon. A book published under one of those options will include the chosen celebrity’s name on its byline. Books published and promoted through these programs will also be aggressively marketed through strategic bestseller campaigns.

To learn more about J.J. Hebert and his company, MindStir Media, click the links below.

J.J. Hebert’s website:

MindStir Media’s website:

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